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Caravis Aryns (A Mortuus Terra Story) Ch1 Section5

Updated on September 29, 2014


Naranduhl sat at the top of the wall. He was a scrawny man, and had seen no more than sixteen (1) rotations. he sat next to the jagged wooden spikes that formed a wall made from small trees. He couldn’t believe this was his first post, normally men would kill to sit at the wall for a night. Other guardsmen were sent to clean outhouses, and patrol taverns. He attributed his luck to his size and left it at that. The uniform of the town guard was plain white and red, it helped to stand out from all of the green around this place.

Naranduhl leaned against the wall a peered over, thoughts of home crept through his mind. He was from further south. There the terrain was not a lush and fresh as it was up here. Besides swamps to the north of his home the land was arid and harsh. Dry heat pounded camps anyone sat up in that area. Walls had to be constructed around villages to prevent dirt storms from consuming the area. He spat and watched the saliva hit the ground, and as he looked up the fog had began to roll in.

In moments he saw a giant wolf drop from the cliff side and stalk to the center of the road, all while glaring at the wall. Naranduhl froze with fear, the beast was massive. He had never seen a wolf so large in his life.

“Gu.. Gu.. GUARDS!” he began to shout “ Guards WOLF”

The belltower guard sluggishly stood and began to scan his surroundings

“What wolf boy, and why should we care” he spat back “There ain’t no cause for al….”

The Bellman nearly fell off his tower scrambling for the bell rope. “Beasts, and Demons it's a damn giant” The Bellman began to shout as he rang the bells.

(1)Rotation: Full set of the seasonal wheel. Much like a year. only measured by the completion of seasons.


Caravis grabbed his blade and made his way out to the gate yard. He ran up the steps to the wall and pushed Naranduhl to the side. As he gazed over his expression was blank, and he looked back at the boy. Naranduhl was shaking in his boots.

“By God it is giant” Caravis laughed to the boy. “ and here we all thought only the trees grew tall here, too bad you weren't born here am i right?”

Caravis turned sharply back and looked at the wolf. “ Pay attention though” He said in a much more serious tone. “listen and you will live”. At that time archers began to line the walls, and they took aim.

“Fire damnit” the Bellman yelled.

Caravis went to open his mouth but the arrows took flight before he could. “You fools he is too far out to hit.” Caravis shouted. Every arrow fell short. A moment passed in silence as the wolf took a step forward. As it did the fog surrounded the wolf. A shadow is all the remained in the distance and then a figure. A woman walked through the wall of fog right where the wolf had stood. Caravis gripped tightly at the hilt of his blade when he noticed. Rych had been standing right next to him watching the entire thing.

“Open the gate” Rych Ordered. Caravis looked back and noticed the woman was much closer now.

“Nadyia?” he caravis muttered to himself.

Rych turned from the wall and descended the steps. Caravis followed him the entire way. He made a line straight for the entrance. Boots squishing into mud and stopping at the gate as it raised. The sound of metal moving and creaking in the night gave everyone an uneasy feeling. torches lined the walls and shadows danced. As the gate raised to show Naydia and Rych face to face, and the fog dissipated. .

“I was wondering when i would get the chance” Rych said.

Nadyia stood and seemed unphased by the calm collective arrogant manner of the man. She tapped her staff to the ground and it lit up, and shone bright in Rych’s face.

“We have terms to discuss. “She flatly stated. “If your town is to remain that is”.


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