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Caravis Aryns (A Mortuus Terra Story) Ch1 Section2

Updated on September 25, 2014

The Hermits Home

Caravis examined his surroundings. Giant vines wrapping their way around the forest of monstrous trees. Trees so large it must have taken thousands of years to grow, maybe even tens of thousands. Somedays the clouds would hang low enough in the sky that the trees stretched far beyond them. The vines with the girth of half a cottage wound through this forest. From ground to sky like snakes winding around a victim. The vines stretched for miles, and prayers to The Mother the greens in this place shone best after a rainy day.

A sparse mix of foliage on the bed of the forest would have left footing clear if not for the denseness of the trees. It’s surprising the old man found space to build a cabin. If it weren't for a gap in the roots this may not have been possible. The roots of the giant Ide tree left walls to the sides of the oddly shaped cabin and the tree to the back created a safety net around the home. the roots were as wide as caravis was tall. they tangled over each other creating a bowl around the home about the same height as the cabin in places.

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Caravis Himself

Caravis slowly leaned forward and tightened the straps around his Ide leaf boots. The ide leaf was a massive wide leaf and was as tough as leather if you caught it right before it turned in the fall and treated it with special oils. If you knew what you were doing you could color the leaves any way you wished to best fit your surroundings. He wore Ide leaf boots, rough doeskin leather pants and a tunic of mixed leather, and leaf. However he had a cloth cowl that covered the majority of his everyday clothing. This was the season of rain, and caravis kept his leaves their natural green, and the leather added an amount of brown that helped mimic wood, or shadows.

He carried a leather satchel on his back, and a long cylindrical compartment attached to the side of it. It was a rather thin and light pack, just large enough to keep essentials with one large opening and two pouches built in. between the pack and cylindrical tube was a group of sticks bound together about each stick seemed like a piece of the other, and they were all about the size of a man's thumb, but bound together with string. A knife was attached to his hip and sheathed there. it was a plain knife about the size of his forearm, yet it was very much symmetrical odd for a knife.

Travel in this Land.

Caravis reached into a lonely pouch at his side and pulled out two strips of leather. Slowly he wound the leather around his hands. Once done tying the lather at the back of each hand he broke into a sprint. He made his way around the old mans cottage and up onto the root wall surrounding it. As he reached the back side of the cottage he jumped from the root wall and his fingers grasped in the air, and they connected with a vine growing over the cottage and around the tree behind it. His finger dug into the vines wrinkled form. The vines texture was like that of a rock wall, it was grooved and rough, different in all areas. Caravis swung his lower body up and wrapped his legs around the vine as much as possible and inched his way to the top.

From the top of the vine it was free roaming. The vines hardly ever reached an incline too steep for Caravis, and when they did he just swapped from running to climbing. Vines were like roads here. Not that he had ever seen a road besides those small ones in Cadston, but they were what he imagined a road was from stories he had heard. He traveled this way and that for a few hours before he could see the fog.

Lake Ide

Fog crept between all of the massive trees, and it made it harder to breathe at this height. Caravis found his footing on a vine heading down. The search didn't take long considering where he was. Most of the vines in this area went down to the ground. As he climbed and slid down the vine the fog cleared across the floor, and the coast. This was the only place you could see the mountain tops besides in the canopies. Mountains to the north climbed higher than the treetops, and that was no small feat. In front of Caravis was the shimmering waters that stretched for miles. All vines lowered here, because of Ide Lake. Everything drinks after all. Out of the corner of his eye Caravis saw the shadow, but before he could turn the figure was upon him.


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