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Carbuncle Wars

Updated on April 10, 2015

What is this?

A long time ago I put together a story about carbuncles. No I am not talking about the pimple like thing I am talking about the mystic creature that the Spanish conquistadors supposedly ran into during there trip into what is now south america. That book is available on amazon but more to the point, this is a short story following two of the characters from that book. I hope you like it.


This story follows two carbuncles called Chino and Cheka in their tropical home land of Condo Tera. Carbuncles are mystical creatures that are usually shy and timid; Chino and Cheka being hardheaded and courageous are exceptions. These two carbuncles are brother and sister; each with brilliant blue eyes. Their bodies are covered in green fur; with their muzzles, chests, stomachs and the tips of their wolf like tails a bit lighter shade of green. Their muzzles are short like a rabbit. Three hair tuffs of a slightly lighter shade adorn the tips of each rabbit like ear. They walk upright on hind canine like legs, and like all carbuncles Chino and Cheka have red gemstones in their foreheads with Chino’s being slightly darker than Cheka’s.

Chapter 1

Chino and Cheka were walking through the thick and vast Condo Teran forest. Chino stared up at the trees and said, “Look at this place it is so gorgeous this time of year.”

Cheka gazed at a flower and responded, “Yeah you are right about that. How about a race back home Chino?”

“What’s the point we know whose going to win?”

Cheka smiled and bounced in joy, “You’re right I would win!”

Chino looked at her shocked and surprised, “I was referring to me.”

Cheka looked back at him, “What, you think you are a better carbuncle than me? ME!!”

“Yeah I do and I will prove it in this race and in any other competition that you can think of!” Cheka quickly shouted in response, “YOUR ON! LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!!!”

Chino and Cheka now stood at the end of Amiable, a peaceful quite little village. Cheka announced to Chino, “First challenger who gets to the shake stand first wins,” They both got into position, “Okay one… two… make tracks.” And with that they took off. Both, running as fast as they could, Chino suddenly hopped upward on somebody’s shoulders getting the led. As Chino continues this method again and again, he shouts, “See you at the stand Cheka!” Cheka gritted her teeth then hopped onto a small cart loaded with oranges; the force and momentum of her jump made the cart move forward and angered the owner. Chino looked backwards, “Ha she still can’t catch me,” at this point Chino miss placed his foot in someone’s baggage and fell on his face. Ignoring all the yelling he looked up in time to see Cheka hop off the cart just in front of the shake stand. As the cart crashed into a hut Cheka cheered for her victory.

Chapter 2

For their next challenge Chino and Cheka stood thirty feet away from two targets. Chino said, “Axe throwing, you know the game. Hit the target in the center,” and with that said Chino pulled his arm back and threw the axe only to have the axe make its’ target near perfect. Cheka paused for a moment wagging her tail and then threw her axe. But it hit a wagon and both carbuncles ran before the owner came back. Chino wins.

After a quick break and to make sure the owner of the wagon is gone, log rolling was the next challenge. Cheka smiled at Chino, “This is where you’ll go down literally,” but when they tried to roll the other off they both slipped at the same time. Neither was the winner.

Tree climbing race was next. Chino smiled at Cheka, “This is where I wave to you from the top,” and thusly they launched themselves up and into the tree both hopping from branch to branch to get to the top. Cheka’s branch broke under her and she fell crashing to the bottom. When she opened her eyes she saw Chino at the top waving to her.

Hammer throwing. Chino looked down at it puzzled, “Why do they call it hammer throwing? You’re not throwing a hammer.” Cheka stared down and said, “I don’t know. It looks more like a ball and chain to me. Keep it on the main path okay,” Cheka reached down and began to spin her hammer and threw it a hundred meters, falling on her butt doing so. It was Chino’s turn and he was ready. He reached down, picked up his hammer and began spinning it. Cheka ducked for every swing but accidentally got hit in the face which caused Chino to throw it the wrong way. Scratching his head Chino looked downward and said, “I guess I am disqualified huh?” Cheka whispered, “So I won, fiddly dee.”

Chapter 3

Next was the eating contest. Chino and Cheka approached a table loaded with cheese, to which Chino was most pleased with. They both began to chow down with seemingly no fault until the next dish came which was fish. As they tried to eat this they both started to become ill. Chino stuttered, “Cheka I, I, I don’t feel so good.”

Cheka stared back, waving around, “Yeah I don’t either. We love cheese, especially you, so it must be the fish, ah oh,” then Cheka turned and vomited.

Chino ran before seeing this, stumbled and vomited on someone’s feet, “HEY!!” Shouted the Blue bipedal dragonfly whose feet were now soaked in vomit, “I am going to make you pay for that,” just as he picked Chino up a similar green dragonfly approaching said, “Sulfuric what’s wrong bro?” Sulfuric looked back, “Parasite this guy threw up on me,” now enraged Sulfuric punched Chino back to the table where all this started.

Cheka came over to Chino to see what was going on. Chino raised his head and said, “I think these two want to kill me,” Cheka helped him stand back up posed to fight by his side. Parasite quickly flew over and snatched Cheka off the ground holding both of her wrists; Cheka kicked him hard in the gut with both feet and they fell. Parasite groaned lying on his back with Cheka quickly back on her feet. Sulfuric threw his fist at Chino, Chino quickly dodged, grabbed his head and slammed him face first into the table. Both dragonflies now having a hard time holding their own lunch Sulfuric said, “Parasite these two were eating fish and he made me smell it. Yuck! I am out of here. We’ll get you some other time,” Parasite couldn’t agree more and they both left. With both carbuncles exhausted, Chino looked at Cheka and said, “I think we both have had enough so, rock… paper… scissors?”

Cheka grabbed his hand and said, “How about this, we are both the best, and let’s just go home.” As the two left, each were thinking that they were better than the other. “Next time,” said Chino, under his breath. Cheka, with a smile on her face knew that she would win next time.

The End

Catch more from Chino in his first book!

Final thoughts

i had written this a long time ago so I apologize for any misspellings, I will try to get to them as soon and as often as I can, also please feel free to tell me if you want to see more from Chino or just your thoughts on the story itself. Again thank you for reading this.

© 2014 James Hagseth


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