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Caribbean Laments- poetry from Jamaica

Updated on February 7, 2015

Come enjoy Jamaica's beauty and tranquility

Jamaicans relaxed enjoying an evening of poetry reading at Mercon Lethe Jamaica West Indies  the Jewel of the Caribbean
Jamaicans relaxed enjoying an evening of poetry reading at Mercon Lethe Jamaica West Indies the Jewel of the Caribbean

Caribbean Laments

Great, big U.S.A,

What have you done

To my children?

You courted them

With opportunities,

You offered them




And a better way of life,

"The sky is the limit "you told them,

"I am the land of opportunities,"

You said, so you took them in.

Caribbean hope

You took my best,

My brightest,

My most ambitious,

You offered them

What they believed

I could not give,

You took my athletes,

My scholars and my professionals,

Yet you forsook them in their times

Of most distress and greatest need.

Caribbean ambitions unrealized

You work ed them,You spurned them,

You coveted them for their ambition,

You took what they

Had to offer,

And gave very little in return,

You were so surprised to find

Embedded in these my people

So much, to make you great.

Caribbean talents explotation

In return you gave them trophies to hang

On the walls of your basements,

Amidst the squalor of poverty and hunger.

You have caused many of them to suffer,

To become wanderers,

Living aimlessly on your streets

And beneath your bridges,

Hiding from the scorching sun

And the biting snow,

Without love, without family, without home,

Shattered hopes,

As these my most ambitious sons,

Will never see my face again.

Caribbean expatriates dilemma

They have lost their zeal,

Their desire for a better tomorrow.

They have become destitute,

And pray they could return,

To my loving arms again,

But free ride

Is not your style for free men?

Only for criminals and murderers,

I know I could have loved

them better,

Or even the same,

Great, Big! U.S.A.

What have you done

To my Children?

Caribbean prodigals come home

August 2002. Written after visiting Brooklyn New York and saw how a number of West Indian Blacks Live.

The U. S.A. now deports West Indians especially Jamaicans who have ran foul Her laws.

Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray


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    • profile image

      Cheryl Koomoa 8 years ago

      Oh my heart hurts to read this.It hurts for the things that are stolen from your children.May God restore and heal. Love to you! Cheryl