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Carla Collins' 'Angels, Vampires and D**che Bags': A Review

Updated on March 3, 2012

Pages: 135

Rating: ***

When one of my readers requested that I read and review 'Angels, Vampires and Douche Bags' by Carla Collins, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Being the devoted critic that I am, I took on the challenge. I'd never heard of Carla Collins, so I figured it was a woman's guide to finding the perfect mate or something along those lines. I also figured it was going to be a cheap attempt for some unknown D-list celebrity trying to gain a bit of publicity. So, reluctantly, I sat down and prepared myself for a long boring onslaught of relationship dos and don'ts. Surprisingly, and delightfully, I was wrong. I learned a very good lesson about not judging a book by it's cover.

As it turns out, Carla Collins is a Canadian comedian who can dish out bits of witty advice about enjoying life and weeding out those who may cause you unnecessary pain. Sorting people into any of these three categories: Angels represent people in our lives who are their to help and support us. Vampires are the vicious individuals who live to suck you dry of money, confidence and esteem. A douche bag is anyone who is too cocky and/or selfish to realize the world doesn't revolve around them. Collins successfully recounts personal anecdotes that actually yield some pretty good advice. Being a comedian, it seems that Collins is compelled to insert her bits of humor in her stories. While in sections the jokes seem forced and fall flat, there are some laugh out loud gems when the writing flows a little more naturally.

All and all, the book is very decently written with sound advice and warm your heart tales of hope, love and learning. I wasn't bored in the least and breezed through the book in just under two hours. I'm completely convinced as to why we need more angels and far fewer douche bags and the best way to identify them. Chicken Soup for the Soul worthy? No. Enjoyable stories that leave you with a smile and a warm tingle feeling? Absolutely!

For a few badly placed jokes and a story or two that aren't as engaging as the rest, Carla Collins earns a very respectable three stars for her literary debut.


Click here to find Carla's many nuggets of wisdom.



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