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Carry Me

Updated on January 1, 2014

Couple going home together

Couple going home together after work
Couple going home together after work | Source

Compromise in a relationship

Sometimes we grow weak and weary.This is when we need our friends and partners to "carry us" for a moment. The beauty of love is it being unconditional.It does not matter how many times you have to support the one/s you love, if there is a true bond,the favour will always be reciprocated.Sometimes it is necessary to compromise a little and carry the other person a little further.

Carry the one you love

In a world so hard and heavy to handle on ones own, it is our loved ones who help us get through one day to the next...carry your loved one today. Carry me softly through the night

On the slightest breeze hold me tight
Lest I be blown away
And from your side

In a world so torn and angry
Walk with me -hold my hand
I am a child in the eyes of your love
I shall stand back tenderly
And let all sorrow and fear depart

Let your tender sigh
Let the memory of you
Carry me softly
Through the night
Hold me
As I tenderly hold
The memory of you

by Victor Mavedzenge


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