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Carry the world along with me

Updated on January 4, 2010

Carry the world along with me

Carry the world along with me

We are faced with numerous challenges in the world today.There is war every where and the extremists have decided that it will forever be a do or die issue."Is killing 300 innocent individuals in America soil justified?

We will never succumb to the antics of this so called Terrorists who trade where we less anticipate.Imagine a young descent and modest young man with a proper upbringing penetrating all the gigantic security with powder form explosive and a minor syringe all in the name of Jihad.

What is Jihad if you cannot carry the world along with me?

No amount of security measure will be enough
No amount of guns,bullets and bombs will do the work
No amount of informants will expose their hide outs
No amount of tears will make their mind sober

Only love will heal this world and make it safe for mankind

One cannot have a dialogue with a terrorist and diplomacy will never win this war but we can still carry the world along so this note is to wish all the people of the world a happy new year as we all strive to make this world a little bit safe.



2010 Poem.

The real me longs for peace
The unreal me longs for power
The unity of mankind is our freedom
We can achieve this if we believe
The real me does not select anyone
The real you should not reject anyone

Peace is a stranger to corrupt minds
Peace is a guest to noble minds
Peace can make us smile no matter the pains
Better is it for world peace than world cup
We can have utmost peace and be safer
If we allow others to be the rulers of themselves

May my peaceful heart hear nothing about your doubtful mind
Because you feel that it is difficult for us to carry along as one
But i beg you from the bottom of my heart to give peace a chance
so carry the world along with me.Yes we can! Yes we can!


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