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Case Of The Widow Book

Updated on March 23, 2015


After a trip to Kenya Africa, I met and interviewed twenty eight beautiful widows. Their stories blessed me and I was moved to share them with you.

This book is all about how these women went from becoming widows, their tragic stories of loss, and how they moved on with a new hope in Christ. I hope you will be blessed reading it, as I was hearing it.

It is available on kindle, and soon to be available on as well as other major online bookstores. Thank you for your support.

Mama Eunice Elly
Mama Eunice Elly

An African Widow - By Eunice Elly (Excerpt)

Eee Eeh, how nice it was when we got married.

Living a life full of happiness and a life of hope.

When there was an issue to be solved,

It was done between the two, a husband and a wife.

But, look it came a time when things turned upside down

And inside out.

The death of a husband

Ooh how painful it was to become a widow, a widow with no hope

Everything changed within a twinkle of an eye.

Relatives started playing their games,

Snatching things away from us.

Chasing some of us away including our children,

With nowhere to go, and no one to lean on.

Life began to be so hard on us.

No clothes to wear, no food to eat, no shelter.

And no education for our children.

An African widow, a widow with no hope.

In an island of loneliness and hopeless, there we were.

But glory be to God,

For fulfilling what He said in Isaiah 54:4-8

God led us to Ebenezer Life Center

A center of hope to the hopeless

May God bless the Arch Bishop Dr J.A Silas Owiti

And his beloved wife Winnie Owiti for starting Ebenezer

May God bless the sponsors of Ebenezer

The hopeless widows now have hope

And a future

By Mama Eunice Elly


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