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Casey Lee

Updated on June 2, 2015

I used to frequent Barnes and Noble and randomly pick out CD's to listen to using the headphones perched on the racks for sampling. One day, I happened to pick up Kasey Chamber's CD, sampled a couple songs, liked, bought.

Some crazy-where along the way, I began to imagine how this singer may have started her career. I knew nothing of her background, but couldn't help but wonder, what if...? This poem is my imagination running away with itself...

And yes, I meant to leave out punctuation, big smile.

I've included a video of the real Kasey Chambers. She's awesome.

we were friends

when we were seven

skipping to the seven-eleven

dressed alike

rode our bikes

never thinkin' those days would end

Casey said, i wanna be a star

back then, i always knew she'd go far

she harbored her dreams

wide as the sea

my childhood friend, Casey Lee

the rain poured the day her momma died

she was only eleven

with her sorrow tucked inside

she made a promise to heaven

momma, it's not about being a's

not about being well known...when i'm the

best that i can be, i'll know that i have grown

Casey said she was gonna be a star

i always knew she was gonna go far

she bought a used guitar one day

strummed her heart and soul away

poured her pain into her songs

it didn't take long

til Casey hit the Nashville scene

she never forgot where she had been

she remembered when times were not so fun

even now as she vacations in the sun


Casey always said she was gonna be a star

and now she sings in concert halls

her face on posters on the walls

Casey's heart is good and true

Casey, i always believed in you

our yesterdays faded into today

Casey girl, you're on your way.

"Runaway Train"

© 2015 Essie


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    • EsJam profile image

      Essie 2 years ago from Southern California

      Hi John,

      Thank you for stopping by. And no! I had no idea she was Australian! And I do know her song, "Am I Not Pretty Enough?" - It is on the album that I bought. I played it so much, I got a scratch on part of the CD, but at least I can still listen on You Tube or download.

      I have always thought her voice was unique, and I think her music is downright fun and yummy.

      Your daughter was fortunate to meet her!

      Ha....I was a long way off from the real Kasey...but it's ok. Funny, how our imaginations take us reeling! Ty for taking the time to read! Essie.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi Essie, I love your taste in music. Kasey Chambers is an amazing performer and lovely person. Did you know she is Australian? One of her first hits was called "Am I Not Pretty Enough". She is always helping and encouraging other singers, is a normal mom of four kids I think. She started of singing in a duet with her husband. My daughter has met her and said she was so down to earth and friendly. Great poem by the way. she'd love it I'm sure.