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Cash in On Computer Breakthrough

Updated on September 26, 2015

Cash for insight

If you know what is going to happen, you should be able to make money from it...that's the way the world works, so invest, or something. The solid state drives are going to replace SATA III, and use the PCIe bus, or some other bus that can offer 20 Gbits per second.

When you know what is coming down the pipe, it's like a stock tip. You know this is going to happen, and the question is how to make money from this knowledge. Investing and buying the right stock is modern gold digging, so there are tricks involved, but the main factor still remains: forewarned is forearmed.

Use what you know is happening, and look at the big picture. What is going to change, who is going to change it, and how do you jump on board to ride the boat to shore. That's the real trick. If you knew electric cars would replace gas guzzlers...well, that's a bad example. Tesla made a Pierce Arrow entirely electric, had it do 100 mph...faster than the gas cars of the time, but it never caught on. Why? Big oil and gas wanted everyone to buy gas cars and make money selling gas. The commercial world is run on money...capitalism is using your money to take money from other people, so you end up with more. Simple. Do unto them before they do unto you...that's not spiritually correct, but the true nature of the beast.

No one got rich being nice, polite, and charitable. Our sorry state of world affairs demands cash for people to do anything, and it's up to those people to make cash. Either work for peanuts, or learn how to pull in money hand over fist. No wonder aliens avoid us...we have a really messed up economic system that puts the almighty dollar ahead of people's health and well-being, and entrepreneurs dream up ways to rip off people and pad their wallets. So, I hope this bit of news on the technology scene helps someone cash in on what's coming down the pipes...with solid state drives, the real winners will be laptops, as SSD's are tiny and will benefit smaller form factors like notebooks, pads, or laptops. Those huge honking gaming systems don't worry about space, run dual graphics cards, 8-core CPUs, and are crammed with enough RAM to reach 64 Gbs. This is a prophecy...the smaller the components, the more expensive the machine, but, the speed and structure of solid state are incorruptible, as they have no moving parts, and only need electricity to run. If we listened to Tesla, we'd have wireless electricity...he could send it for miles, and today they can only send it ten feet. The true way to get rich? Find gold in the ground...all it costs is your labor to dig it up, and it's free from Mother Nature.

Technology or money

The real question with technology is whether it benefits humanity, or is some neat gimmick that makes the inventor rich? If they prove you have a need for it, you will buy it...even if you don't really need it, or could do with a more basic system.


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