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Cast Your Stones

Updated on May 13, 2015

You about to do what?

Cast Stones

On who, on me?



Did I commit a crime?

Did I commit a sin?

Am I guilty of a terrible act?

Well! Go ahead and cast your stones

But before you do and become my,

Judge, Jury and


May I ask two things?

Which stones are you casting,

the ones to build me up


the ones to tear me down?


How’s your hands, are they clean?

Because any stone you cast on me

will be cast on you soon enough

So, go ahead

and cast your stones

Food For Thought

  • When we have a disagreement or disapprove of something, why do we result in casting stones, instead of working at finding a reasonable solution to the problem?

  • Before you pick up anymore stones, take a moment and decide which type of stones you are about to cast. Because any stones you are about to cast are going to hinder or cause harm to a person, then just drop those stones and walk away. If not, you will cause more harm than good in this situation.

  • Our world is filled with different cultures and ideas, so what right do we have to cast stones on each other?

  • Remember, you are not just casting stones because of something is wrong, you are casting stones that can cause harm to others developmental growth.

  • Is it so wrong to embrace and accept people’s differences and ideas?

  • Did you like it when others cast stones on you? If not, then why are you casting stones on others?


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