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Cat Picture Writing Prompts

Updated on October 17, 2014
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.


You can take anything and find a story in it. Trust me, it's true. One picture could create a world of possibilities. You just have to think outside the box.

Don't believe me? Let's look at a few pictures and see what ideas for stories we could come up with.

A Cat and a Toy, Or is It?

Take a look at this picture of the cat with a toy. Seems fine. There is a cat. There is a toy. Obviously, he was playing with it when the picture was taken. But what else could be behind this scene?

  • The toy is a priceless heirloom the cat has broken. An entire short story could be based on the reactions of the owners and extended family members.
  • Within the toy is something hidden. It could be drugs, jewels, or a note. Maybe the owners are gone and they secreted a message inside the toy hoping someone will find them before it is too late.
  • What if the toy has an engagement ring it? That would be great for a cat lover.
  • Imagine the cat was stolen. The toy holds the key as to who, what, when, and why.

See where I'm going with this? Look beyond the fact that it is a cat and the toy. Put them in romantic stories, mysteries, paranormal, scary, and more. There is really no end to what this picture can prompt.


Cute and More

You look at this picture, and you chuckle. You see a cute cat, but look beyond that. There is so much more here for your writing inspiration.

  • Is this a real cat? Maybe it is a fake one designed to trick someone. It could be used to fake neighbors to think a cat is still alive. Or it is used to trick someone in a museum or such.
  • Why is the cat in the bag? Are the owners trying to sneak it into a country? It could be a comedy of a woman sneaking her cat into a wedding where the bride is severely allergic to cats.
  • Did the cat sneak into the bag and was taken on a trip? That could become a big comedy.
  • What if the cat was stolen? This could lead into a mystery/suspense/thriller.
  • The cat is actually a person who has shapeshifted into a cat and has to get somewhere quickly. They have a friend helping them.

What else can you come up with using this picture alone?



This is so adorable. What story do you see here? Come on. There's one. There's more than one.

  • The kitten is born on a special day and the person who witnesses it reflects on their own life. The cat is not the story but an inspiration to the story.
  • Maybe the kitten is born despite a hurricane or a tornado. It could be the story of survival.
  • The kitten is a special kitten born under a blue moon. You could spin almost any paranormal story around this as the paranormal writing has no boundary.

There is So Much Potential

When you first looked at these pictures, you saw cats. You saw cuteness. You saw something that made you smile. You didn't go beyond that. As a writer, you can go further. You can find espionage in a cat picture. You can family saga, fantasy, romance, and horror within a cat picture.

I challenge you to find a picture or use one of these above and find a story in it.


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      BK Walker 5 years ago

      Love cats. They're such funny creatures with such personalitites! Great post :)