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Catch .22-Caliber White Trash.

Updated on December 10, 2009


Catch .22-(Caliber-White trash.)


She waited for

him to come home,
into the wee hours

of the mourn,
dressed in her

sexiest negligee,
her belly full of

ulcerated sorrows,
lubricated to numbness

with six shots of vodka.


The pistol was loaded

with three bullets,
one for his genitals,

one for his cold heart,
and one for his lying mouth.

Just as soon as she

heard the door

lock turning,
she planned on

slipping the gun
into the waistline

of her panties.

Then as he came in

from his latest romp,
in the sack with a

lady she'd learned
far too much about

in the last week,
she was going to

seduce him briefly.

A half-hearted

attempt at stirring,
his most likely,

sated and flaccid flesh,
leading him to believe

she was going to give him
some oral lessons

that he so enjoyed,
and then blow him away

as he closed his eyes
and slipped into the moment.


Sadly he slipped

quietly in the back door, 
which he had left unlocked,
as she was dozing

round about three A.M.
and when he saw the

scenario laid out before him,

the weapon in her hand

the vodka and shotglass

he realized her intent.


Enraged he strangled her

with his necktie,
and slipped away

into the silence of night.

But he never realized that
she'd hidden a video camera,
to record her final act with him,
and that there was one more bullet,
tucked securely in her bodice.

He was caught a week later,
in a cheap motel room

with his new love,
thanks to her electronic

suicide note,
that he failed to discover

until it was too late..

to erase all of his indiscretions.





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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Sad story.