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Catching An Idea In The Air

Updated on May 14, 2011

I Can Not Wait

Our ideas drift from person to person

They look for a home

They want to be loved and adored

For they bring goodness at every turn

They bring insight and inginuity

Taking the world that we see with our own eyes

Changing it slightly to make it better

We are in control and can share the idea with others

For it is never ours to keep but to make only life better

Then as the idea is talked about and repeated

Something special happens

The idea shines in a new light

Brighter than before and larger than life

It welcomes everyone to participate and to add their personal touch

For that is when an idea can do it's best

Helping people who seen it's potential and held it's hand from the start

As it grew from one lonely thought to increasing in size

To be the apple of someones eye

Let your ideas flow

Let hte world know

We all can make a difference

Idea after idea

Showing everyone how it is done

From beginning to end

A trip filled with adventure

A ride that thrills us forever


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