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Updated on October 11, 2011


The caterpillar in the park

So soft & creepy, beautiful

Uniquely crawling in the dark

His destiny a miracle

He sleeps within the tepid earth

His dreams constricted by the fates

A cryptic creature since his birth

His future self he long-awaits

The caterpillar in the sun

So fortunate, oblivious

A metamorphosis begun

Unquestioned answers numerous

He crawls not knowing he will fly

Not knowing why he has to crawl

With ugly beauty, small but spry

Intuitive, he builds a wall

The caterpillar safely sealed

Protected from and by his world

His purposed soon to be revealed

His truthful beauty near-unfurled

Alone with thoughts he can't explain

The caterpillar has to die

So he'll not have to crawl again

So he'll become a butterfly


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