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A Poem on Catharsis for the Hubpatron of the Arts Contest

Updated on November 29, 2011
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Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

Soul Cleansing

Every human being, every sentient being, is, I believe, motivated by the need to be free from guilt and shame, and to walk in perfect unity with the Divine. The following poem seeks to explore the search for expiation in many faiths, and ends on what some may find a preachy note. For the writer is a person of faith so finds his own catharsis in the divine and human nexus called the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is much use of repetition such as "Watch the watching watchers". And one cannot help but notice the juxtaposition of the ancient with the modern. We hear of Mecca as well as Jeep Cherokee.

You get the feeling that you have taken a trip around the global village and landed back just where you started, another sermon on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Except this time it's a poem. Enjoy.

Or at least take the journey before you hurl your darts at the unique religious perspective.

Wisla in Beskid Śląski (Poland) Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Wisla in Beskid Śląski (Poland) Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | Source


Peace O pilgrim of redemption road

Stretched at healing steeples

Hiked bloodied cloistered mountains

Streams high Tibetan village

Or muddy Ganges soaked

See the seeking seekers

Running running runners

Desert sands to Mecca

Round the Rock at Zion

Clean me clean me clean me

Herbal baths and fountains

Wash the washing washers

Guilt of guilty sinners



No protection

Lost immunity

Psycho sanitising court




Some Divine Referee

Some living waters end this drought

Some died clutching second chances

While the world passed by

Some stark raving mad at circumstances

Squeezed the coffers dry

Escape down Hollywood Boulevard

Disney Pixar 3D won the Oscar

NASCAR, Vegas, and Burger King

Olive Gardens and the Orient Express

To rehab washed out and washed up

Drugged up wasted high

White collar blue collar parson collar

Dodge Ram and Jeep Cherokee

Identity is a mask, mask, mask

Republican Democrat man in a tin hat

Amazon ecoman drinking chanting one song

Clean me mother earth clean me mother river

Ancient words and emblems

Eons of sacrifices

Oblations never ceasing

Hands upraised with praises

Love is locked in places

And mercy never enters

Wait the waiting waiters

Watch the watching watchers

Prophets stand and tell them

Wash ye and be clean

Long the client sessions

And ever long the sermons

Telling the same old story

One act

One lesson

One Lord, one faith, one baptism

One Roman cross removed the stain

The Godman set me free


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