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Updated on August 15, 2016

This is not my poetry. I can not lay claim to it in the least. It was written by my best friend and poet Brad Osborn. The words are so haunting to me, I had to share it with you. And he doesn't mind. I made sure that I received his permission to post this before I posted it.

And while I'm at it, go check out his band The Dirty Swagger on Youtube, Facebook, and ReverbNation. It's some hip swaying down and dirty rock and roll with Brad as the lead singer.

A hush falls over the cathedral

as the music starts to play.

And as the tears fall to the carpet

a minister begins to pray.

Telling stories of everlasting glories

and golden kingdoms in the sky

while I'm in a category, unhappy ending story.

Rivers of Eden have run dry

and hell is having to say goodbye.

You never know how much you'd miss me

if ever I did go away.

If you'd have known would you have kissed me

twenty four hours a day?

Would we have shattered?

Went mad as hatters?

Or would we have smiled and pulled on through?

Would I have told you

I loved you as I'd hold you

and take my final breath with you

if you had asked me to?

And now the flowers all have wilted

just like my memory in your mind.

All the tears that you shed for me

no longer keeping your eyes blind.

So carry on love, don't look above.

Walk straight and face ahead.

Don't think of me or how you loved me!

Bury everything that I said!!!

What's done is done

what's dead is dead.


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  • The Lost Dutchman profile image

    Patrick Bernauw 8 years ago from Flanders (Belgium)

    Very musical, steady flow... love it!