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Cattacular Views pt 2

Updated on October 19, 2009


Written by Streehbach, Views from Talexia

She curled up on her human’s cd case, looking at the bumper sticker on it. I’ll be nicer if you’ll be smarter. Ironic…I feel the same way. She looked at the Nine Lives catfood in her bowl and turned her nose up after sniffing it. Hmph…can’t even give me the good stuff. I’ve given him the best years of my fur and what do I get? Nine Lives. Like I don’t have nine lives already. I’m a cat, for Bast’s sake!”

            She curled up again and hissed as the other male cat in the household, Mousepad, came by her. Get away from me, you childish brute! Go eat litter! She jumped off the cd case to spare it damage and went behind the tv. Just you try to come back here.

            People think that it’s sooo easy to be a feline. There’s our fur to take into consideration; beautiful, luxuriant fur. She paused to lick a patch that gleamed a little dull. Brutes have to pet me every time I walk past them. Bah! She signed and settled down.   

            A few minutes later, she got up and stretched, then worked on shredding the carpet a bit after inspecting her claws. Mmm...not bad. Let that street punk try something now. Suddenly, she stopped and looked up. The other one was around.

            Carla peeked her head around the corner. Hi! 'member me?

            Talexia hissed. I know who you are, and you've turned into a disgusting domesticated feline. You've disgraced our entire race! I thought I trained you better than that...begging for scraps and being all perky around the humans. Begone!

            Carla shook her head. Just trying to be social...I used to idolize you. Hey Mousepad! Wait up! She trotted off after him.

            Talexia sniffed and jumped up in her human's chair. If he doesn't get me Purina by the end of the week, I'm going to take a dump in this thing. It smells like human butt anyway. I wish they'd bathe more regularly. With that, she circled the chair three times, then settled down in the middle of it and waited.


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    • profile image

      Streehbach 8 years ago

      Yes, she does act this way...I know, she's my cat