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Updated on April 9, 2012

The Accolade by E. Blair Leighton


The hall is hushed

no words yet stir the air.

People shift and shuffle

for a better view.

The lady in white stands splendid

and steps above the kneeling man.

She seems to shine with radiance

as she smiles down upon him.

He is every inch the hero;

Glorious in gleaming mail,

bright red garment

brushed free of any dirt.

He humbly bows his head

as she draws out her sword.

The flash of candlelight

off the gleaming steel

blinds him as it taps his neck.

Silence captures the room

as the sword descends.

And the man shuts his eyes

at last overcome by emotion.

The sword serves it purpose

and cheers rise from the crowd.

The lady smiles serenely

and raises her hand high.

The man is gone now

and, in his place,

stands a proud new knight.


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