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Cayuga County CO'S

Updated on April 18, 2012

I think they crave attention,

That's why they do the jobs they do;

Ass fuxxed by there daddy's,

Raped by there gay uncles too.

They must compensate

for what is missing in there life's,

That's why they take out there anger

on folks who can't give back a fight.

Your kids just grow to hate you,

Your wife's just seem to leave,

It's not my fault you beat them,

Don't take it out on me..?..

Me I have to be here,

You have the choice to leave,

However; you won't do it,

Control is your disease.

You can not say it's the money,

I know the pays not great,

I make more than you do,

Working around folks that I don't hate.

It's not my fault your mothers

they were crack pots,

Your sister is whore,

Your daddy popped her cheery,

You were sleeping just next door

to her bedroom,

You heard the whole damn fling,

Like an involuntary spasm,

You cried then jerked your thing..?..

It's not my fault the cool kids

All picked on you,

When you went to school,

Because you acted like a sissy,

Instead of a dude.

Your a big man now,

Just trying to hide,

The little bitch you always been,

Way deep down inside.

Before ex-convicts can get a job there is a huge back round check, I think before a person is allowed to take control or charge over another man a complete back round check and mental health examination should be forwarded. I have been locked behind bars and what In witnessed was not rehabilitation, rehabilitation is not possible with criminals watching criminals.

It was so clear to me to see how the chain of command worked in the Cayuga County Jail. because the chain of command consisted of aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, sons, husbands, and wife's......all the guards were related for the most part, to me that just does not seem right.

This poem is dedicated to all the Correction Officers In Cayuga County, But dedicated to two most over all.......They use there power of authority to abuse there fellow human beings...?...

This is especially for you ...SGT. ASSY'S........ Your friend M.W.EESE. See you in hell.


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