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Cell Phone about - COW DUNG & Jokes.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Life Saver.?

Cell Phones
Cell Phones | Source

Do not Switch Off.

My friend had come home with his friend for my help in getting a job done and how we can do it and the expense we might incur.

I asked my friend that his cell phone was switched off when I phoned to him the previous day.His friend who had come along with him told him that he should never do it.

My friend told his friend that he was unaware of the problems he will face if he does not switch off his cell phones,The conversation went on like as under between them:-

My Friend's Friend - What is your problem if you keep your cell phone on.?

My Friend - I will get a call at 1.00 AM to help a friend some where like I have come here.

My Friend's Friend - If you do not want go, tell him you are in some place away from your home and it would take minimum 2 hours to get to his place and later you have a very important Govt Servant coming to your house as a guest.

My Friend - In that case he will ask me to phone the police to help him.

My Friend's Friend - Tell him you will phone and keep mum.

My Friend - If I do not phone he will come to my home and find out that I am at home.

My Friend's Friend - Tell him your Cell Phone was low in battery and that you can't find the battery charger.

My Friend - I can't do what I don't want to do.I will switch off my Cell Phone.( He Switched off his cell phone.)

After a while as we were chit chating on cell phones and jocking how a Kerala Chap smuggled a cell phone to hell etc etc...,my cell phone started ringing.It was my Friend's daughter on the line asking me if her dad was with me.I told my friend that his daughter was on the line and wanted to know if he was with me.He immediatly grabed my cell phone and started talking to her.My Friend's Friend started laughing so loud that my friend was unable to talk to his daughter.After talking to his daughter my Friend agreed not to switch off the phone till he goes to bed at home.

There are so many jokes on cell phones,a real one was when I was in a group of engineers visiting Bharat Electronics where they are making mobile phones which work at high altitudes for the Army.One engineer asked why they are making mobile phones when so many are available in the market for as low as Rs.1,500 while what the supply they were making to Army was 1000 times costly.He wanted to know if that will end up in a Mobile Scam after a 2G scam.

Today we see almost every one with a cell phone,my peon,my driver,my garden keeper,our servant maid,our tailor,all the girls in our neighborhood and our who so ever .....

The worst and the best real joke was when our milk vendor found his lost cell phone in his cow dung,the cow had eaten his cell phone along with the grass he was feeding when his cell phone fell from his shirt pocket on the grass and he did not notice it but his wife found it when she was collecting the dung to make dung cake as fire wood.The cell phone had all the missed calls and in perfect condition.

Long Live Cell Phone.


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