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Caravis Aryns (A Mortuus Terra Story) Ch1 Section6

Updated on October 31, 2014

The Manor

Rych stood at the entrance of Cadston with the orb of the staff Nadyia carried shining into his eyes. He did not squint. He did not show any emotion. Guards scrambled about the entrance courtyard into positions around Rych and Nadyia. Mud squished and water splashed under the boots of men. It was a wet climate, and clearing away vegetation to place this town let only dirt to soak the water up. The towering walls around the two were alive with men bows still drawn waiting for orders. The night became darker as clouds covered the sky blocking the light from the Arc and stars.

“I am sure we will come to a peaceful arrangement.” Rych announced. “ Guards stand down” He shouted as he turned and started toward the center of town. “Follow me muhlady”

To the center of Cadston stood the largest building, and the most inspired. The stone work that took many master craftsmen was immaculate. The building screamed beauty, even to lovers of nature. Pillars held up the roof over the stone patio. The patio was designed with gray and tan stones layed out of all different shapes with the edges of the patio ground off to create straight lines. The pillars had etched leafs blooming from the top hanging between the rock and ceiling. The ceiling was created from one massive plank of Ide wood. The building was a grand mixture of both Ide lumber, and stones from across the lands. This building had something most homes did not. This building had glass. Glass craftsmen were far and few between, but Rych had found a few over his lifetime.

They called this building The Manor. It contained offices for Rych himself as the head of Cadston, as well as the head of Markets, Caravans, Craftsmans, Leader of the Guards, and more. If you needed to speak with anyone of importance this is where you came. It was not certain you would leave alive, but when it comes to power rumors always abound.

The Meeting

As Nadyia entered the manor she immediately became overwhelmed. Much like the outside of The Manor the architecture was immaculate, but there were so many more details on the interior. Murals had been etched into the trim around the ceilings. Candles were held in hanging glass ornaments in each room. she followed Rych up the center stairwell and around the upper floor to a room in the front of The Manor. A large window looked over the gate yard from this room. and a Giant table stood in the center with Eight large chairs encircling it.

Rych took the chair with the window to his back, and invited Nadyia to sit at the one directly in front of it. As she sat he crossed his arms, and he began.

“ I understand you are concerned for your forest, and I understand this. However lumber is key to keeping this town on its feet. The lumber from your Ide Trees build all our buildings and keep traders coming back for more.” Rych began. “ But, you are essential to this towns survival.”

“What do you mean?” Nadyia Questioned.

“ I mean your legend, and your power, whatever that power may be wolf lady is what keeps this town safe.” Rych explained. “I no more want to destroy you or your home, as i want to cut my arm off. I am willing to negotiate a way to keep this town, and your people happy, and healthy.”

“We feel the pain of every tree you destroy” Nadyia stated. “ We cannot accepts the destruction of this place, and as it goes now you are destroying it”

“I am only farming necessary amounts of lumber, about 2 trees per year. This loss will go unnoticed, for i have began a commission that will add to your home, not take away.” Rych Rebutted.

"How will you encroaching on our home grow it?” She shot off.

“We have began to replant, and populate larger areas my wolf. We have similar goals. I can offer to stay on the outskirts of the forest when harvesting, and to tend to ten trees for every one we fell.” Rych leaned forward in his seat and examined Nadya's eyes for a response, and he received none.

In deep thought Nadyia turned her eyes away from Rych, and slid backward in her chair. “I will take this offer to the Elders.” Rych began to look pleased with himself when she interrupted his self gratification. “I do not trust you, or your promises, we will be watching.”

She walked right out the front gates as she left Rych speechless at the table, and deep in thought.

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Many of the opinions Caravis had made in his time at the Ide had been broken this night. For the first time he had seen Rych communicate with another individual, and the individual strode out of Cadston with no harm. Although he was not part of the meeting the communication in the Gate Yard had jumped Rychs personality leaps and bounds, not just for Caravis, but for anyone that witnessed it. The witnesses would soon spread word, and the town would have a differing opinion within days. It is not that so much was said this night, but that no blood had been spilled.

If anything was certain it was that Caravis would still need to be weary. His old friend had told him of the change in Rych. Not the reason for the change, just that something in Rych had changed, and his friend was rarely wrong. He would need to visit with him soon. Guinnie the old man found it impolite for friends not to visit often. Although it seemed that he was more interested in gossip than the pure act of the visitation. How else was he to keep up with the world, and be absent from it at the same time?


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