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Change is no Escape

Updated on June 7, 2011

Change is no Escape

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

It’s all I can do to absolve you from your sins,

to let you be master of your world, however flawed.

You have scorned my words and deserted your path,

to pursue change and to escape the truth,

to reinvent yourself in a fantasy life.

A fool is easily blinded by their own hopeful beliefs,

the past like a hound snapping at your heals.

Moving forward is always right,

but on arrival your baggage is still by your side,

irrevocably battered but remaining.

It’s all I can do to let you go,

to be grateful for the time we had,

and to hold dear the memories of a real life,

with joy and strife and children’s whispers.

I cannot fault the happiness of our children.

The world changes, and we with it,

tossed like corks on a wild and unmerciful sea.

But in the end, it is we who decides the turns we make,

and by them accept the responsibility of outcome,

and all the debris of false understandings.

I wish you well, to find happiness,

and to somehow find that truth

from which you so determinedly run.

Escape is impossible, ignorance is only temporary,

and it is we alone who suffer at our own hands.

I hope you eventually find peace.


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