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Change is the law of the universe

Updated on June 3, 2014

Law Of Life

Change.. Why is someone gonna criticise you for changing. Changing is normal, what would be a person who saw things the same. They would be in a game playing it over and over and over again. Think about this and see how boring it gets.

So change is normal, get with the law of tides.

Have pride in all that you do, but stay true with you.

For your behaviors may change, but your heart stays the same. Or am I wrong?

Your heart may love to ever-after, so take a chapter, and hit the notes.

What I'm about to say to you I want you to promote.

And hit the ladder of accomplishment.

Having pure beauty of your movie.

Just make sure you're unruley, for rules make us looney.

A rule will make you stay the same.

It will be as if you stayed the same age.

But he no longer fits in the body he's in.

So take time to figure this out.

I promise you I will guide you to sprout.

For things like this are so hard to see, but look at me.

I relax in the calm waters of entity.

I say my words with no curse, not criticizing anyone.

Just promoting that love for them to say and stay.

For their beauty is what they see.

All I see is their dream.

So I want to help them promote it.

It would be good if they devote it.

So I hope you can get through this mess if you're still there.

If you're not I invite you to my lair and we can stare at the world in our beauty.

See things clearly and be totally unruly.

Now I take this time to help you.

Pay attention to everything in the present moment,

for this is gonna be you if you own it.

Take pride in what you gain,

You are no longer the same grade,

You just made an upgrade.

Wayy beyond the skyscrapers.

I hit a taper, to relax in this time,

It's time to hit that holy divine.

No more rushin, just brushin.

The strokes that hold you down.

Time to make them ungrade us now.

I hope you get out of this mess, think positive.

Change that whole vocabulary to it's meaning.

Meaning help one another, help them with the good times they can remember.

Just stay a shredder, hittin those old cob-webs and knocking them down to the ground.

So now claim your glory, your on a huge way to hit the perfect story.

For once you get there I promise you you won't be sorry.

You'll only be glad you got out of this mess, You'll be on the path to love

and atlas! Your free like a beautiful dove. .


Short Exploit Of Change

Changing is so beautiful. Think about all the changes in your life that have progressed you to the person you are now.

Such as evolving from a baby to a kid, learning and growing into the world. Changing from our thinking of girls and boys are gross, it being gross to kiss each other, hahaha. All these changes and behaviors that we have progressed from.

A lot of people get caught in this trap of being the same, never wanting to change. When change is the law of the universe. A big part of it might be from movies'.

We see in movies about girlfriend boyfriend scenarios where the 2 have an argument and the woman ends up saying you're changing! Making it with the perspective of the man and change itself being bad. Over time with movie after movie, this may play a huge part in our subconscious mind of not wanting to change.

Picture yourself right now, if you were this dweeb or perhaps you are (no offense) and you get made of fun of, picked on, you don't feel good about yourself. Wouldn't you want to change that? Wouldn't you want to do all you could to get back and transform yourself for the better. Think about it if you made the effort, come out 6 months to a year and impress everyone with the dramatic change of being now a self-confident undeniable breath-taking, funny, enthusiastic, positive person. You would shock everyone with the change and they would now want to be a part of your inner life. You are no longer that pathetic dweeb who didn't stand up for himself.. that is dead, you made a change.

You could even make changes in your outlook, get a new hair-style, improve your diet, work out and get an amazing body. All of these little things are changess. Change is natural and amazing and I hope you get with it :) All the best to you,

Follow me! :)

Do you embrace change?

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© 2013 PoeticPhilosophy


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