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Change of Heart Means Change in Life

Updated on December 3, 2016

The Lord Speak's and I Begin to Listen

My soul aches for all who reject the Lord

My heart is heavy for the years I would not hear his words

My love cherishes the moments I have now

I hear him loud and clear with pure love and peace

My experience has me craving more knowledge

I call out his name to teach me more

I once thought I knew him but I have only begun

I have opened my heart and mind to listen to the Lord

Confusion now sits where false confidence used to reign

I admit to knowing very little

Once I preached words I did not understand

I invite this change with respect and hope

I no longer resist his presence

I no longer fear his words

I have a clear beginning rather than an overwhelming fear of the end

I praise the Lord quietly and proclaim his love publicly

I have nothing and everything with possibilities that are hidden and a future that is undecided and exiting

I know now that the pain and suffering where the conditioning of my heart to prepare me for whatever the Lord has planned

I Surrender

Today I take a breath of surrender

Today I sigh a sigh of relief

Today my muscle aches and headaches I give no power to

Today I ask the Lord to change my heart and remove my pain

Today I forgive and remember

Today I stop fighting the truth

The truth of my past present and future belongs to the Lord

I give up all control and accept all he has to offer

I believe and have faith again

I am traveling through life with love and hope

I am letting go of pain and fear

I am admitting my lack of knowledge

I am seeking something unknown to me

I am holding on to the only thing that has been constant in my life

Lord is am patiently waiting for your words and plans

The Battle of Change

God whispers I am here

The devil screams listen to me

God gently wraps my heart with his hands

The devil pounds his fists down on my family

God offers peace and lo6

The devil demands hurt a day cayase

The closers I get to the Lord My savior

The more the devil strikes my life

With no conscious thou9 I follow the Lord and oppose the devil from deep inside

I refuse to give in and refuse to give in

My promise from God is more powerful than all the lies the devil can create

The devil attacks all the love in my life , spreading hate and stress and pain throughout my family hoping that I will fall at my knees begging get him for mercy

Instead I stand with my arms reached up to the heaven having complete faith that the Lord Jesus will outlast and out love anything the devil will toss at me

I give my life to God and it's not up for negotiation !

The Lord takes My addiction away

Attempting the impossible wt9one quick decision and a new found strength is give up all false need for medication

The pain is impressive and undeniably but the outcome will outweigh all that I will go through

To have control over my body and mind once again is my Christmas miracle granted to me by faith in the Lord and knowledge of his presence

His lesson of addiction and lack of trust embedded in every muscle ache and headache

The Lord teaching me through fear and panicked thought that I do not need medicine to look at the positive in my life

His love sheltering me from the urge to ease my body and his strengthening to carry me through every phase of cleansing

The future looks so bright and the past is fading with my need for the Lords love of empowering my body's need for some false sense of peace

I will conquer with the Lord by my side all of my fears and worries . I will succeed in fighting my way out of a bottle filled with emptiness

I can hear the music again

The music is speaking to me

The noise that used to be is lighting the way of certain again

The sounds that used good scare me are encouraging me

I begin to singredients a day the deafness that once kept me from hearing now speakes in every note and tone of happiness

My heart can write the music of my soul and my mouth can praise the melody of my life

The drums and the flutes with the violin play on and on

The Lords voice rejoices in me and the angles provide the background Symphony

I break into a dance with my body and feet skipping get to a whole new tune

I have been saved from a dull human drum existence

I am no longer tone deaf I can carry a turn email and I can feel the music of my life

I sing to you Lord thank you for giving me life and forgiveness

Bless me ! order with your words

Healing me Lord with your love

Protection email Lord with your promise

Carry me lord with your strength

Love me Lord when others will not

Walk with me Lord when my feet will not move

Show me Lord when my eyes will not see

Let the music get so loud that the devi9will run with his hands over his ears

Beat the drums so hard that the devil will scream I Give Up

Lord I give you the conductors wand of my life


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