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Flash Tale Poetry

Updated on February 19, 2015

A Faint Whisper ( Poem 3 )

Shadows stream,

then you listen,

there was a faint whisper,

and even a fainter scream,

and only after looking at the crime scene

from a dozen different angles,

different views,

did the detective seize

on a third possibility,

his luck grew,

he was holding on to a bloodied baseball glove,

and he realized that the killer

came from above,

the truth was near,

as he gazed at the metal fire stairs,

the killer made his escape there,

and the evidence was clear.

His Only Companion ( Poem One )

It was as if sanity and insanity

were playing a game of catch,

his emotions closed up like a spider

in the flame of a match,

he shot them all while they slept,

and he would change after that,

their spirits wept,

and on the top of the stairs, he just sat,

oddly he sensed some love

and beauty of the world,

but it was all in his head,

his own family murdered in their sleep,

and deep inside, he too was dead,

his emotions changeless,

he was mindless, careless,

but somehow satisfied,

committing such a god awful sin,

everything around him was gloomy and dim,

but he was happy, and that happiness

was filled to the brim,

he may have loved them somehow,

even if he had been despised,

deep down a joyful feeling did rise,

his only companion was insanity

of which, after a long trial,

would bring him back into humanity.

Beyond That Sleep Recollection ( Poem 2 )

It was a feeling of fear, despair,

the evidence simply wasn’t there,

but the case had to be strong,

so many things went wrong,

and after a long and weary fight,

some glimmer of good news

finally came to light,

a witness, in fact,

told canvassing detectives

that they were on the right track,

while tossing and turning,

then finally ending up on her back,

she had a vague memory,

at first she thought it was nothing at all,

of seeing headlights shine

on her rear bedroom wall,

the car was quiet, it made no sound,

but it was at four o’clock in the morning

that the body was found,

but that was it,

beyond that sleep recollection

nothing else would fit,

except that the suspect lived only a block away,

there was a slim possibility,

and the detective would hope and pray,

that the suspect was fearful of driving far,

with a dead girl’s body

in the trunk of the car.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio


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