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Chaotic Moments from My Sophomore Year

Updated on October 5, 2011

YUP this is my UNI!

If you know me in person [which some of you do], you will know that I spend half of my day studying in the library and the other half nagging about my courses. Drop by at any moment and you will find my friends and I complaining, nagging, and if not cursing our courses and sometimes our luck.

“Professor X is making my life miserable. He thinks I have nothing to do but read for his course, prepare a freaking presentation, and write a report. He has trouble reading the freaking slides. It is like he doesn’t even know what he is talking about!!!”

“Oh I know how that goes. Professor Y forces us to write a pre-lab, a post lab, and an in-lab, while doing that freaking LAB!!! I never understand the use of all those Pre/post labs.!” [hmph hmm…]

And sometimes you might see us raising our hands to the sky and saying “WHY !!??”

Occasionally, we are too caught up with the so-called bad stuff in our university life that we forget the good moments we had in college. Whether you think your life is a mess, your college life is a merry go round with nothing ever making any sense, and whether or not all of that is true, you must not forget the good moments no matter how trivial. And so such moments when spent and cherished with friends will always help you when you’re down. So, today I decided to do something different, I will not nag about my college life. In fact, I will celebrate it with you as I share some of the funniest moments during my first year of college.

Day#1 at college:

It was a Monday, and how do I know that, because it was one treacherous Monday. So we walk to our class from lower campus heading to the so-called ancient building called Nicely.

[For the record, NICELY is not so nice. It gives out the aura of a haunted house and even after one whole year I still lose my way in it. Add to that the fact that NICELY has two buildings that connect together to make your life more miserable. NICELY IS A MAZE designed to make students suffer!!”

Setting: Somewhere in Nicely which isn’t so nice after all as I am about to learn.

Who: G& I

We run from lower campus to upper campus trying to reach our class on time on the first day of class. We look at our schedules three times to make sure we don’t have the wrong class. After a long run we reach Nicely building. We search aimlessly for room 203 as we knock and enter two minutes late we see the professor entering behind us. As we seat ourselves down she says,” WELCOME TO PSYCHOLOGY 202!”.

“WTFF??? I think we are in the wrong class!” we say in synchronization, in a very low tone.


We make our way outside the class politely in order not to disturb the professor, and take another look at our schedules again.

“Damn it, our class in Nicely 203, this is nicely 202. Let us find 202!”, I say.

“It’s Nicely 203”, says G, “You are lost!”

After a while we find room 203 which is directly facing 202 which we didn’t see at the beginning. We knock politely, enter, and find a couple of empty seats in the back.

“After drop/add Period, I will not tolerate students being late”, and as you might have guessed, he gave us the LOOK! [-_-]

If I had an alternative character she would have the O.o or wft look, but being the scared Sophomore student I just nodded blindly in respect.

“Welcome to Philosophy 210!”

“Screw it! Shit !”, that was my reply, yet again I kept it to myself.

G and I looked like hobos at that moment. Lost and confused, we got our bags, tried to move in the narrow class and excused ourselves telling that professor that we were in the wrong class.

And as I walked outside and tried to shut the door without causing any disturbance,

He smiled at me! At least something good came from that chaotic day

Event#2: Some day after surviving treacherous MONDAY:

Setting : some important smart-ass university in Beirut

People: Roni, a very close friend lets call her G and I

I walk into the computer labs to find Ronie trying to log in to her university account using her Id number and password. G is waiting impatiently for Ronie to finish her sluggish task.

“uhm, girl, why don’t you use the number pad to type your ID number instead, it is way faster than using the numbers on the top section of the keyboard”, says G.

Ronie gives her the [Are you stupid look] and a raised eyebrow ~_~.

“Really, those stuff don’t WORK! I already tried them and they don’t work!”

G gives Ronie the LOOK ~_~ as she watched Ronie try to prove her point by using the number pad that allegedly doesn’t work.

Hey girl, how about you try pressing the NUM-lock button?”, says G while looking at Ronie. “You know, THIS button”, while pointing at the number lock button.

Ronie presses the button and tries the number pad, “Ohhh, how cool! I didn’t know about that!” ~_~

This conversation ends with G and I laughing in a silent zone [which would be the library] and sharing the ~_~ & O.o look.

Smile, breathe, and live! Life is all about those trivial moments!!!


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

      jenubouka, i think it all comes down to how you view things. I mean it took me a while to get rid of the trauma of going into the wrong class ::D:D

      Nikki, it happens to all of us, but sometimes those moments are so funny that they almost got us kicked out from the library on several occasions !-_-

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 6 years ago from Louisiana

      haha at least you survived. i like all your o_O/^.^/~_~/=)) looks lol. funny story. i figured that out about the number lock awhile ago at work when my numbers on the side stopped working haha i accidentally hit the num lock button off. ^_^ hehe

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      That is too funny.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

      asmaiftikhar, thank you so much :D:D

      jenubouka, it does look like hawaii it is somehow isolated from the uraban city and all the noises. To an extent if a bomb falls people will resume their studying without any concerns. It is like my uni is from outer space :D:D:D

      Jenubouka i know what you mean with pouring rain, my Business classess are on the lower campus which faces the sea. Sometimes you can feel the waves push you off the track!

      btw i still get lost at Nicely !!! Damn it and you lose track of where you are because you go in circles!

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      One your university and home is just amazing, very beautiful! Reminds a little of Hawaii (my dream home)

      Two, you told this with such humor, it was awesome to read. It was cool to read about your college life, and from the pics I can see how you could get lost. My first quarter was just like your story, getting lost, though my school was about a fourth the size, but to my defense I was usually running in a downpour of rain most of the time, I would find the first class door and just pretend it was my class just to get out of the monsoon.

    • asmaiftikhar profile image

      asmaiftikhar 6 years ago from Pakistan

      uriel that is beautiful,interesting,useful and awesome.i must say voted up always and forever.