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Chapter 23 - Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma

Updated on April 12, 2015

T. gondii and schizophrenia Connection

Research the cause and effect of T. gondii and schizophrenia behavior in humans
Research the cause and effect of T. gondii and schizophrenia behavior in humans

Schizophrenia and Epilepsy: T. gondii

Chapter 23

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Schizophrenia and epilepsy are two neurological disorders that affect humans infected with T. gondii.

Curtis called JR using his improved quantum encrypted contact lens on the way home from work. JR told Curtis he thought he had a couple of names verified that were Daemon’s supporters as Daemon would probably prefer them to be called.

Curtis would Wait and process the names through Daemon’s quantum computer. It did not leave any traces. JR informed Curtis it appeared the two were very wealthy, old money families.

JR and Curtis agreed to meet at Jakes for a good steak. As soon as they sat down, their medallions indicated that they were being watched. Curtis slowly looked around the dining room. He noticed a man and women. Their eyes were red. They were Daemon’s altered humans. Curtis was impressed how his special contacts detected the altered humans.

Perhaps this was how they were being watched. As Curtis’s eyes focused on JR, he noticed a piece of lint on JR’s shirt. He told JR about the piece of lint. When JR removed the “lint,” he discovered it was made from a metallic material. JR sat the small object on the table. Without any noise, the tiny object flew away and quickly disappeared.

Daemon obviously had all options covered. He probably had his newest toy: satellites that could filter noise to a single voice he was monitoring. The satellites send a beam to an area being monitored that is reflected and modified by the speakers voice back to the satellite. It is similar to bouncing a beam off a window to listen to the occupants inside. The Russians did this back in the 60’s to our embassy in Moscow.

There was a commotion in the restaurant. Curtis looked over to the group of people that were restraining a man. It was the altered human. He was yelling in a rambling racing voice, “They are watching me, with a blank expressionless face.”

Curtis knows Schizophrenia and epilepsy are two neurological disorders that affect humans infected with T. gondii . He has found that the Toxoplasma genome contains versions of two genes for substances involved in dopamine production—namely, phenylalanine hydroxylase, and tyrosine hydroxylase. In other words, T. gondii knows how to make dopamine. T. gondii secretes ‘LSD’ like substance (linked to serotonin) they are the same neurotransmitters, which are affected, in most of psychiatric conditions. The altered human causing the disturbance was displaying some of the classic manifestations of schizophrenia.

The police and ambulance was summoned. The altered human was grimacing at the corners of the mouth with his facial muscles, and making odd movements with his tongue. His clothing and hair appeared neglected. He looked disheveled. His sudden irritability, anger, hostility, suspiciousness, and resentment indicated he was indeed schizophrenic. The attendants were assisted by the police tying him to the gurney. He was kicking and screaming, “They were after him, and everybody was watching him. They could read his mind.” The female altered human followed meekly behind the procession out the door of the restaurant. Curtis heard the sirens pull away, as they travelled to the hospital.

JR looked at Curtis, “What the hell has happened? That guy was crazy.” Curtis told JR, “He needed to talk to Daemon about this incident and the possibility the altered humans may not be reliable or useful for his project to save the world.”

Curtis told JR, “He was hoping that Daemon would stop this mad, misguided, hair brained project. There was no way the altered humans could be relied upon and to perform under duress. Most people that had schizophrenia tested positive for T. gondii infection. The cause and effect correlation of T. gondii and schizophrenia was too strong with the existing T. gondii DNA. It had to be modified. The genes that caused schizophrenia had to be eliminated from the T. gondii DNA.” This was good news for Curtis.

JR, catching the eye of the waiter, ordered two pints of beer for Curtis and himself. They were still being watched by Daemon. They enjoyed their meal and agreed Daemon would meet them tomorrow morning 8 am at Mojave Space and Airport.

As Curtis pulled into his driveway, the medallion indicated Daemon had stopped watching him. It did not matter. Curtis was going to watch TV, relax, read a book, and get some sleep.

On the way to the meeting with JR, George, and Daemon, Curtis called JR through his secure contact lens. Curtis reminded JR they did not know the “apparent schizophrenic” person was an altered human. They did not want Daemon to be suspicious whether Curtis or JR had the means to identify his altered humans. Less is more.

Curtis walks into JR’s office and Mary Sue greets him with a big smile. He wonders how much she knows about Daemon. He would never ask her about Daemon, or his projects. He did not have the need to know.

JR and George walks into the conference room. Mary Sue tells them the coffee is ready. She is wearing sparkling diamond earrings that someone must have spent a fortune to empress her. She wears them well. She flicks her hair away from her eyes and asks, “You guys need anything for the meeting?” She is always the professional Curtis thought as he let his eyes slowly travel down her short blond hair to her pouty lips that are saying, “If you need anything, I will be out front.” Curtis nodded. She was good for the eyes.

You knew Daemon was coming in before you saw him. His “energy” preceded him. He had an air of impatience with a pained looked on his face. Curtis knew he would listen and answer questions. This looked like an important meeting was about to begin.

Daemon, as he marched in, said, “Guys we have a lot of work to do, so let’s get to it. I called this meeting to coordinate our efforts.”

Just as the meeting was breaking up just before lunch, Daemon said as he leaned back in his chair, carefully choosing his words, “I want all three of you to research the cause and effect ofT. gondii and schizophrenia behavior in humans. I have a friend that has developed schizophrenia in his late 30’s, which is the typical age for the symptoms of schizophrenia to appear. He lots of cats. I want to determine if there is a correlation. I know all of you have extensive protein synthesis research experience. I want all of you to immediately start your research and I expect an update tomorrow of your initial results and planned activities.”

The meeting was over. The first thing Curtis needed was an update from the quantum computer. Curtis asked the computer for an update on the simulations of cloning human DNA with selected characteristic and attributes vs. DNA alterations using T. gondii to change human DNA. The computer responded with detailed instruction for protein synthesis to T. gondii genes that could be infected into humans to produce the desired characteristic and attributes.

Curtis thanked the computer and asked the computer to run simulations to identify genes in T. gondii that when infected into humans cause schizophrenia. Curtis asked him for the results requesting simulations of vaccination and best method of introduction into humans:

  • Oral
  • Intra muscular
  • Cranial

The computer responded the best results were “Intra muscular.” Curtis thanks the computer. It was not a good time to conduct his own research. Daemon may pop-in at any time.

Daemon came into Curtis’ office looking tired. He sat down, leaned forward, and placed his head on the table. He said nothing. Curtis waited for Daemon to speak. After a few moments, Daemon said, “My friend has schizophrenia symptoms. I need to find and eliminate the cause and effect of T. gondii and schizophrenia.” Raising his voice, he asked the quantum computer to run simulations of the relationship of T. gondii infection of humans to humans displaying symptoms of schizophrenia.”

The computer responded Curtis had already requested the simulations and they would be ready within six hours. Daemon did not like the pause for his requested results. He yelled at the computer, “Why cannot you do as instructed, rather than giving me excuses?”

The computer printed, rather than respond audibly, results would be ASAP. Daemon left abruptly with no comment. He was frustrated. Curtis knew not to tell him, “Have a good weekend.”

Curtis did not want to “fix” this problem. He wanted to present this as a difficult problem that would stop Daemon.

New York best-selling author, Kathryn Lynn Davis, who wrote, “Mesmerizing suspense and breathtaking action, scientific genius, the threat of world destruction and the power of one man determined to stop it. The concept is both shocking and frightening, and it’s so well written that I was completely overtaken by the chilling reality created in these pages.”

T. gondii MUST live in Cat's intestine to reproduce sexually...


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