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Charlaine Harris: Sleep Like a Baby

Updated on October 8, 2017

A baby, a body, and a missing nanny

In her newest installment of the Aurora Teagarden mystery series, Sleep Like a Baby, best selling author Charlaine Harris returns with that dark Southern charm we adore from all her series.

In the time since the last novel, Roe and best selling author husband, Robin Crusoe, puns intended; have found themselves in their new mystery: raising their newborn child. Well intended, Roe's mother sends them the services of a nanny named Virginia, who despite her first description doesn't sound like much a of child care expert at all- think more of the type of character that would be pictured in Harris' Shakespeare's Bard mysteries attending the gym with title character, Lily Bard.

Sports attire aside, Virginia is a hit with the baby and life goes on for a few weeks until Robin in called away to a writer's award dinner and Roe suddenly falls ill. With little option, Virginia is called back to the house to help out for a weekend until one night the nanny cam reveals she had gotten a disturbing phone call and suddenly left without a trace. In the search for Virginia, Roe and her half brother, Phillip, come across a body of a woman in the backyard that isn't Virginia.

Novels of the Aurora Teagarden series

All the Little Liars
Dead Over Heels
A Bone to Pick
Poppy Done to Death
The Julius House
Real Murders
Last Scene Alive
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
Sleep Like a Baby

A woman in the garden under the mimosa tree

As Roe and her brother Phillip approach the body in the grass, laying spread eagle under the mimosa tree, they suddenly realize she is not Virginia- and the mystery of who the dead woman is unfolds, revealing a much darker plot.

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Another day, another body

As often as Aurora Teagarden seems to find bodies in this series, you would think it wouldn't be that much of a shock anymore. Each novel averaging about 200 pages, is an afternoons worth of entertainment as Charlaine Harris treats us to another quick humored who done it.

The growth of Roe since the first book is defiantly impressive as the series went on to add the addition of second husband, Robin, more family members and their backstory of dysfunctional relationships with each other started by the novel where young Phillip ran away from his father and mother to find his older sister. Bringing baby on board in the book didn't seem to slow down the story at all or add baggage to plot line.

Sleep Like a Baby is the tenth book in the series which has also been made into a Hallmark television series and several adaptions of TV movies. Readers of the series will enjoy finding out who the body actually is and the connection to a previous book in the series.

Sookie and Friends

Perhaps best know for the Sookie Stackhouse novel that were adapted into the HBO series True Blood , Charlaine Harris has based most of her creations in the South and charmed readers to smart, quirky mysteries mainly with a supernatural twist.

All stories portray a strong female lead lives a rather boring life until suddenly they are thrust into the limelight so solving a mystery and saving the day. All the women though are pretty much cut from the same cloth so to say, humble, average, and just go right back to their rather boring life without a thought otherwise to what they just experienced. This is the beauty to Harris's universe and it makes each novel in each series just as believable when the female lead character comes across their next unbelievable circumstance and mystery.

Welcome to Midnight, Texas

Just wrapping up its first season on television, Midnight Texas, based on a mashup of Harris's characters from Sookie Stackhouse, Harper Connelly, Cemetery Girl, Aurora Teagarden, and the Shakespeare's Bard novels; the world of Midnight is populated by angels, demons, vampires, witches, and powerful psychics, allowing the best of the B side companions of various other tales to just the fun.

The television series has not been announced as of yet if it will be returning for season two, but the first season is currently available on Hulu. Where fans of True Blood may miss the world painted with the huge HBO budget, the smaller scale world of Midnight works beautifully within its perimeters and in no way feels scaled back by being on NBC.


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