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Charles Gets In Trouble..Chapters 4 & 5

Updated on June 2, 2014
Pug Fright
Pug Fright | Source

The Sad Bad Man ..Chapter 4

Grandma Lou got used to Charles being gone now and then. She just figured he was off saving the world. She thought he would not get in trouble.

But, she was wrong. One day Charles appeared in front of a bad guy in his funny suit and he ruff ruff ruffed, but the bad guy just stood there. This bad guy had no sense of humor. He just leveled his gun at Charles and said, " Get out of here, doggie,"

Charles had no idea what to do. If he had been an ordinary dog he would have put his tail between his legs and ran. But, Charles was no ordinary dog. And besides, his tail was too curly to tuck it between his legs.

So, he just stood there staring at the bad guy. His big round eyes looked up at him and looked so sad that the bad guy began to feel like crying. Charles began to whine just a little bit. The robber started to cry. "Stop that ! " said the bad guy. “ Quit your whining! “ But Charles couldn’t help it.

Sad Bad Man
Sad Bad Man | Source

Pretty soon both Charles and the bad guy were crying. Big tears ran down the bad guy's cheeks. He started to say how sorry he was for being a bad man. But a policeman appeared behind him and grabbed him.

"Good work, dog" the policeman said.

Charles went home and went to sleep in his bed. Grandma Lou smiled at him and said, "Another day fighting crime. What a good dog." She did not know that he had got in trouble.

Grandpa Gets a Chance….chapter 5

One day Grandpa Marko noticed Charles had been gone for a long time. He went looking for him. He found a little cape in the dog bed, and wondered why Grandma was giving Charles clothes.

Then he heard a yelp and saw Charles fall through the air and drop into his bed. Grandpa jumped in surprise. Charles had singed whiskers and his ears were black with soot. So was his nose, but it was so black already that Grandpa didn’t notice.

“Grandma!” he called. “What is going on here?”

When Grandma saw Charles she cried, “Oh no”. She ran and got the burn medicine and put it on his ears. She picked him up and rocked him in her chair. While she rocked she told Grandpa all about Charles and his crime fighting adventures.

“This won’t do, “said Grandpa. “I am going to go with him after this. “How are you going to do that? “Grandma asked.

“ I don’t know,” said Grandpa.

Charles fell into his bed
Charles fell into his bed | Source

For the next few days Grandpa stayed very close to Charles, waiting for a chance to see him disappear. Maybe I can folllow him, thought Grandpa.

Finally, on the third day Grandpa heard the Mighty Charles song and so he got right up into Charles bed with him. That was not easy because Grandpa had long legs and it was not a very big bed.

The girl rode away
The girl rode away | Source

Sure enough Grandpa felt himself being catapulted into the air. Then, they made a soft landing in a big bush. Charles ran off to confront another bad situation. Grandpa Marko tried to follow Charles. He hid behind a shrub and watched and listened.

There were two men with masks. They were dragging a little girl with them. Charles jumped around to get their attention.

“Look at the funny little dog,” they said. “ Why is he dressed up like superman? “

One of the men said, I am going to shoot him and be rid of him. He is not a pretty dog. Just then the little girl broke away from her captor and ran to Charles. Charles seemed to grow. He puffed up a little, just enough for the little girl to jump on his back. She jumped on his back and Charles carried her off as fast a his little legs would go . The man started shooting.

Just then a policeman showed up and told the men to drop their guns. He arrested them and took the little girl back to her parents. She hugged Charles before she left.

Before Grandpa could do anything he found himself back in Charles bed with Charles safely beside him.

Grandma Lou thought about it. She looked up, and thought. She looked down, and thought. Then she looked Grandpa Marko in the eye.

“I think,” she said “That you should leave Charles alone. Whatever power that is helping him to be a crime fighting dog is keeping him safe, too.”

Grandpa decided she was right, but he also thought maybe he would go with Charles again sometime. It was kind of fun.


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