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Charm, Charm, and More Charm

Updated on October 25, 2010

What is Charm?

First things first. If you are a "player" please exit this page. I do not wish to aid you in harming a woman or a man. Now let's get into what this information is about. I've had several relationships over my short lifetime, a lot with women that I feel I had no reason to be with. While I work my butt off to stay in shape, most of my relationships have been formed by my words. Words make a chemistry based relationship. 95% of all relationships are based on them. If you can't communicate, you have nothing. I am not condoning lying in any form. I only suggest promoting the assets that you are given to work with.

I don't want to draw this out by trying to explain what I mean so to sum it up, here's what I'm saying. When you read a book, you like to have adjectives or word enhancers, something that makes an object seem more desirable. Would you rather have an orange or would you rather have a succulent, ripe, juicy, green apple? It's all about words. Nobody wants just a cute girl or hot guy, nor do they want just a smart man or brilliant woman. We love a total package. We thrive for the unthinkable. Enjoy this lyrical, symphonic information and use it to your own benefit.

Beware of the Charmers

Let me introduce myself, My name's JT

I can make a rhyme out of anything

I could say you're fine, I could say you're cute

I could melt you're heart even if I was a mute

When you charm a girl, there's no guarantee

If she doesn't like you it wasn't meant to be

Charm's nothing but a playing card to guys

It can make you a Romeo in any woman's eyes

Misplaced words can break a woman's heart

So get your facts together before you start

Don't flatter a woman if you can't back it up

Don't lie to make it look like you've got a full cup

Don't tell a woman lies or things that aren't true

Or in the end you'll only wind up with you

Because if you lie, In the end she'll find out

All the tall tales coming from your mouth

Rehearse your words, have a game plan

It takes no tricks, no slight of hand

Don't say "You complete me" or "I like your style"

I promise she'll look at you like you're a big fat pile (yeah you know what I mean)

Don't be too emotional or use exotic words

Women find desperation really obsurd

Don't give her drawn out exaggerated lists

The one's worth having see right through this

You will find girls that like these things

But the end result is just a minor fling

Just be yourself and combine your words in lines

She'll appreciate your honesty and true love will shine

So if you want to know the way to a woman's heart

Just tell her the truth from the very start

This is dedicated to a fellow hubber as well as others that have suffered the effects of so called Romeos or charmers.


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    • carrie450 profile image

      carrie450 6 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      Very good advice Fenixfan. There is nothing like honesty especially at the beginning of a relationship. Voted up.

    • libby101a profile image

      libby101a 6 years ago from KY

      This is a "charming" hub! It is very enlighting! I'm sure we all know people like you've described here! Hopefully most people learn from their mistakes and look deep within themselves to understand the difference between reality and imaginary!

    • libby101a profile image

      libby101a 6 years ago from KY

      Also... if someone lives in the past they will never have a future.

      You can't hold one responsible for the sin of another! You have to move forward not backward.

      When someone learns this they have grown and learned from their bad experiences.

    • profile image

      Whikat 6 years ago

      This is a nice poem. You can tell it comes from your heart.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Fenixfan profile image

      Fenixfan 6 years ago from Mississippi

      You are so right Elizabeth. And thank you whikat. I've had a lot of experiences and seen the pain that lies and deception can cause.

    • profile image

      JinnyMarte 6 years ago

      You really understand many aspects of how to be a real person and not a pretty mouth charmer!! Way to go...not many people understand that love and relationships are not simply games...a relationship is more than just charm and shallow people love to use the games of words to seduce, get what they want and then flee, leac=ving emotional scars in people who didn't deserve it... Very well done!!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I liked it. Cool poem...I can envision the rapper beat...maybe that isn't what you meant, but that is what came across for me. Much compassion for the downtrodden heart.

      I recently wrote a poem about Narcisstic Love, included in Truths of the Heart hub, which describes the pain of one of these relationships.

      Thanks for the fan mail. You are very kind.

      I had to chuckle about your profile info...the imagination of a child is a wondrous and wonderful thing. We used to play in the woods as well, and I had similar adventures. In the sandpit I threw out the question: Future career which addressed the 'what did you want to be when you grew up' that a child experiences. Lots of interesting answers.

      Thanks for writing about a heartfelt subject in such a sensitive way. I rated it up.

    • Fenixfan profile image

      Fenixfan 6 years ago from Mississippi

      U hit it head on denise. It was a rap more than a poem. Most of mine are. I like to envision myself as a white Eminem. Oh wait Eminem is white. Umm.. I like to envision myself as a clean Eminem. There we go. Glad you enjoyed.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Re: Eminem LOL that's good. Not making fun if that is what you envision yourself as...but, I take it that you are gesting. You are so much more than that. (Not that being a rapper is a negative thing). But, from reading your profile and are so much more than that.

    • Fenixfan profile image

      Fenixfan 6 years ago from Mississippi

      Thanks you for the nice compliments Denise. I do try my best to form original raps with something people can relate to. Right now I'm working on one called Rhythm over Rhyme. Hope it goes over well..

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Good luck to you. I'm sure it will be a winner. :)

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 5 years ago

      I love this! Words are powerful, and they can be used improperly.

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