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Cheapest Days to Fly Internationally

Updated on March 10, 2017

We are all asking ourselves, How can I find a cheap flight to Europe, Asia, South America and etc? As we all know economy has given its fair share to the airline industries and the rising of airfare. We have heard so many people talk about when is the right time to fly, what time of the year to fly, what are the cheapest airlines and etc., well we have a few tips that will help you make a choice when to fly and hopefully save a few hundred bucks.


Really everyone wants to fly on a weekend, so you don't have to take time off work, or time off kids school, well we have some bad news for you the best time to fly is midweek. For example leaving Tuesday or Wednesday you will get the cheapest airfares. Also sometimes if you are flying for a longer period of time, not everyone wants to fly back on Sunday, the day before you get back to work or kids get back to school.Everyone prefers to fly back on Saturday. Well it will cost you. I highly recommend you spent the extra day in a small motel and in the long run you will save money from the airfare.

When to Book:

The most important thing to remember is don't book to early or too late. If you try to book to early thinking you will get the best deal, that is a lie. When airlines release their flights early they are competing with other airlines and are charging higher prices. If you book too late expect to pay higher prices since you are getting closer to your flight date and prices might be higher. The perfect time to book is about 3-4 months before the actual date desired to fly. Also if you are flying seasonal prices might be more expensive.(For example if you have a flight during the summer to Florida expect airfare to be more expensive than it would be in the fall or winter season.)

1+ Stops

Booking a direct flight might be expensive. Try to avoid direct flights as they can be more expensive. Try and add a connecting flight, this will definitely save you a few hundred dollars. Usually an overnight flight will save you tons of money, if you are on a tight budget, try and book a overnight flight, I know it takes longer time to get to your destination, but it will save you lots of money in the long run. And you never know sometime you could find different things you can do at the airport or surrounding area of the airport. Depending on where you are overnight flights might be actually fun. Think of it as an overnight flight in New Orleans, or Miami, LA, New York, and etc. This sounds like a pretty cool night out in one of those cities.

Cheapest Airlines

I can't really say what airline is the cheapest, but you can pretty much do a little research and find different price quotes. I am actually going to Hawaii in a few months, and I have been looking for a while for round trip tickets and honestly from all my searches Spirit, Delta, and United Airlines have given me the best prices for the time in want to fly. The key for finding a cheaper ticket is also to have a card that is affiliated with an airline company. For example American Express offers a credit card with offers with miles from Delta Airlines. I know some Capital One credit cards also offer different cards that allow you to build miles just from your daily springing like groceries, and gas filling. I actually recently signed up for an American Express card that is called Blue Sky. I got a promo 30,000 points which convert to $500 off towards any airline ticket I want to purchase in the future, which is a big chunk of change if you think about it. So my recommendations are go online and research different credit cards that offer miles and sign up for it you won't go wrong! Best thing to do is explore all possibilities and make sure that you optimize your spending power. With that being said look to even maybe fly with one airline to a one destination and from there fly with another airline. This might save you some money, might not be a lot, but if you are on a budget it is worth the try.

Some other Airlines are:

  • Lufthansa
  • Ryanair
  • KLM
  • Fly Emirates


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    • xmags profile image

      Xeng 4 years ago from Philippines

      Excited to travel. Thanks for the tips. Voted up!

    • pmarinov profile image

      Blogger at Best 4 years ago from Detroit MI

      Thank you for the comment hope I helped!

    • Chris Achilleos profile image

      Chris Achilleos 4 years ago

      Interesting hub. I travel a lot so the info here is very useful! Thanks, Voted up!