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Cheesy n' Real

Updated on March 19, 2011

Sometimes I wana keep my head down,

To stop and witness all the hell....

The world is a cage now,

I swear I think I fell....

Days fly by me...

I dislike like it everyday

And just to wonder that the thunder

above will bring me down..

I think about the one person...

who shines no matter what,

she's never there,

and I never see her,

She might not care,

Yet still I need her,

regardless of what anyone says,

her existence gives me hope.

My eyes catch all the bad which really makes me bleed out the sad.

Not from cut open wounds,

but tears and emotions spilling out of my life.

Avert all of the hate and despair that this world brings to my feet,

peace is my only option as long as I breathe,

Hope is within my heart and my soul

Faith will one day save me when I'm all alone...

Desire to.....


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