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Chelaji's Sojourn 1 (Poem)

Updated on December 20, 2018
manatita44 profile image

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

“He entered into my space with honeyed tongue,

Oh Sage;

Enchanted his way into my inner sanctum;

Threw my emotions to the wind,

Thus shattering my promised dreams.”

“Chelaji, it is useless to bathe the elephant,

Which will again wallow in mud,

Or to straighten the tail of a dog, which

immediately returns to its natural habit.

A mind which is dull or indolent,

Is like character shattered by glass,

Or the claws of a scorpion, whose very nature

is to sting. Why spend your passions on a dream, which,

Like a zephyr drifting spontaneously, with no

Commitments to time and space, eventually subsides?”

“Oh Sage, would you have me be

Like the larks in flight, humming

Sweet cadences to their ancestors?

How can I swoon with the joy of beauty;

Singing the freedom songs of infinitude?”

“Chelaji, I would rather your soul be wounded,

Burning with such agony of longing,

That your tears flow, like a violent rainstorm.

Oh bird of Light, reflect on the doves in flight;

Attune thyself to their dazzling splendour,

As they soar o’er the horizons;

Basking in the freedom of the indigo sky.

Why reflect on solemn shadows, which create turmoil

Within the heart, and shapes your grief?

I would have you giggle like the child,

Bring forward the pristine purity of your Soul,

And gaze at the immortality of thy true Self!

There’s a Citadel inside you, crying for its Golden Orb.

You are that Citadel, and its Orb seeks audience,

With the Light of Heaven’s Gate, only to show

It’s natural lustre. You are that lustre,

Oh Chelaji, do not weep!”

As the drops flowed downwards,

So too, Chelaji bowed her head.

Only this time, she felt her heart stir and

Her spirit soared upwards to the firmament.

Soaked in the delight of Silence, she remained unmoving,

With her eyes now fully open to the past of present Truths.

Her journey over, she would return no more,

To the abyss of bondage-chains.

– Manatita 22nd December, 2013. Copyrighted.

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© 2013 manatita44


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