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Counter Girls (Short Story)

Updated on April 25, 2016

Jordana sauntered through the store, slowly making her way towards the fragrance counter, as she walked she purposefully jiggled her cleavage. She was wearing a mid length, black dress with a low cut neckline that on a smaller figure would have looked ordinary but with her push-up bra and DD breasts straining to be contained, looked almost indecent.

"Oooh got the girls out have we", an older sales assistant remarked snarkily, gesturing with her chin towards Jordana's bouncing bosom, as the shop assistants crossed paths on the way to each others counters.

It was the shopping centre's 20th birthday. Hansen's Department Store was 'the place to shop' in the bustling metropolis of Budgee Point, and in keeping with the spirit of the celebration the women's department was having a Free Dress Friday. It was also Valentines Day on Sunday and the store was offering the girl with the highest sales figures, a weekend trip away to one of the local island resorts. Jordana and some of the other girls were making the most of the dress up opportunity to entice the male clientele to spend more cash.

Jordana flicked her long dark hair with the back of her hand and batted her lashes as she approached her sales team and declared, "I'm breaking out the big guns, we don't want those tarts from the other counters stealing our thunder".

"Yeah stuff them! We can take care of our own department, why the hell do management have to invite the other sales girls into our area; the money hungry bastards". Claire one of the cosmetic counter managers complained huffily. She herself was wearing a skin tight orange spandex dress that looked like it was painted on.

"Shh shhh here she comes", Layla a younger, newer member of the team, whispered loudly as she walked briskly towards the gathering sales assistants and motioned frantically with her hands.

Carmen the floor manager was making her way towards the cosmetic staff. She was a tall authoritarian figure who did not suffer fools or tolerate whingers. The floor staff had nicknamed her Madam Lash because of the tongue lashing she could give anyone including her husband who was part owner of the establishment and a class A asshole in his own right, no doubt because of the constant berating from his wife. Today she was wearing a navy satin blouse and long dark skirt, cinched into her waist with a wide belt. She looked ever the dominatrix with her jet black hair falling just above her shoulders in a straight bob, dark red lipstick and pale skin tone. Jordana did a double take when she saw her; thinking she was carrying a paddle but then realised she was holding a notepad. She thanked God briefly for full coverage makeup as she could feel her face flush warm with embarrassment.

Carmen methodically looked over each of her staff members, checking for name badges, stockings, and making sure her staff were decently attired. She was well aware that 'some' of her staff members would be making the most of the situation and would dress provocatively.

"Good morning ladies", she addressed her cosmetic staff formally, she'd already talked to the other sales teams and bemoaned the fact they weren't a little more creative with their attire, she was hoping for a party atmosphere however some of the retail girls looked more like librarians. Her cosmetic staff seemed to have risen to the occasion, some parts of them rising more than others she noted with amusement at the amount of cleavage and leg she could see.

"I trust there will be no wardrobe malfunctions and if your skirt lengths were to rise any higher I WILL send you away to buy yourself a decent length skirt.... as it is you've done well", she added raising an eyebrow and smiling.

"We are expecting an exceptionally busy day with the shopping centre birthday festivities and Valentines Day on Sunday so we expect all staff members to be floating about the shop floor offering assistance, be mindful that the island giveaway competition is open to all staff members so that means there will be members of the other teams assisting in your area too". said Carmen and then exited with a flourish of her hand.

"Let's kick ass girl friends", said Andrea, a platinum blonde in a figure hugging, pants suit, as she high fived team members on her way to her Estee Lauder counter.

The shop was bustling with activity, Felicity an attractive brunette in her early twenties was walking the floor, making her way to the cosmetics counters to put on a fragrance. She slipped behind one of the counters to look at the array of pretty bottles in all imaginable shapes and sizes and chose a purple bottle with a large floral lid, then sprayed herself liberally with it.

"Wow that smells good", came a deep male voice from behind her. "You know you shouldn't have your back to the customer".

Felicity spun around on her heel and looked directly into the piercing blue eyes of the most beautiful man she had ever seen, but before she could open her mouth to reply. Jordana appeared from nowhere and forcibly stepped in front of Felicity almost knocking the poor girl to the floor and completely blocking her from the customers view.

"Don't mind her she's new, may I help you", Jordana said fluttering her eyelashes.

The man's mouth fell open in stunned surprise, finally stifling a chuckle he said, "I like that perfume she just sprayed, what is it?".

"That's called Lola", Jordana said, picking up the bottle and presenting it like a large precious gem.

Felicity sniffed huffily and with her nose in the air, pushed past Jordana and slunk back to the tills.

"Well it looks impressive and smells nice on her", the man said.

"Would you like to smell it again?", Jordana asked, as she walked around the counter to stand alongside the man.

"Ok", he said.

Jordana applied a light mist to her cleavage and tilting her head sideways presented her chest for the man to smell the fragrance.

He leaned forward and sniffed just above her skin, amused at the sales girls antics and happily playing along.

"That is very nice", he said.

"And the packaging is absolutely gorgeous too", Jordana purred as she held the bottle purposefully against her breasts, accentuating the double meaning, and fluttering her lashes again.

"Sold", the man said laughing, unable to contain his amazement at the brazen shop assistants sales tactics.

Felicity returned to the front shop counter where she moaned to the other sales assistants about Jordana pushing her out of the way for a sale. Rhonda, a senior member of staff who had been in the department store long before the owners had purchased the tiny beauty salon that the cosmetic and fragrance sales girls had originally come from, decided that enough was enough and that her girls could play those silly, tarts at their own game. She stalked into the beauty section picked up a moisturiser tester and an arm full of products, looked up at the cosmetic staff and declared. "Game on moles". Then she hastily arranged a display on the front counter and proceeded to train her girls in massaging cream into anyones hand and arms that would let them.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful apart from a sales assistant throwing a fit over an elderly customer she'd spent half an hour trying to sell a bra too. When the assistant asked the woman how she'd like to pay, the elderly lady lent forward and said "The aliens came and had sex with me again last night".

Apparently she'd been dragged out shopping by her daughter-in-law and decided to have a little fun of her own.

Results were being tallied throughout the day for the highest sales competition and the cut off time of 5pm was fast approaching. The cosmetic staff had managed to keep the other staff from serving their customers while themselves managing not to help out in the other parts of the shop. Final sales figures were totalled and Sally a demure, redhead, smartly attired, had won the day, managing to have 2 spectacular sales in excess of $500 all on makeup and skin care. She had finished at 4.30pm and wasn't even present to receive her prize (although she was almost 100% certain she had nailed it). Jordana pouted sulkily and most of the other sales assistants huffed and grumbled about the 'unfairness of it all'.

The remaining few staff that were left at closing time had shut up the shop and were milling about the exit, waiting for the managers son, so they could leave safely together. The sombre mood changed in an instant when Robert appeared. Fresh back from his trip to the Greek Islands he was all tanned and toned, low slung grey cargo pants hanging low on his hips, checked shirt partly unbuttoned at the front and untucked barely hiding a well sculpted body. A couple of the younger sales girls mouths dropped open involuntarily as he made his way towards them.

He flicked his sun bleached blonde hair to the side and then from out of nowhere produced an oversized Toblerone chocolate bar and asked, "Does anyone want some?".

There was a brief silence followed by a chorus of "ME, ME, ME's".

Robert grinned salaciously as he unwrapped the packaging surrounding the confectionary and instead of breaking a chunk off for each staff member, held it up to the nearest girls lips for her to take a bite. Felicity bit down without hesitation while staring directly into Roberts eyes.

"Is that good?" he asked.

"Mmmm", was all she managed, terrified she'd dribble.

He made his way around the sales girls who all seemed very hungry and eager to eat out of his hand, each girl not to be outdone by the other in their attempts to out sexy each others eating noises.

When he reached Jordana, she folded her arms and arched a carefully shaped eyebrow at him. She was not about to become a sheep and follow along with this mindlessly besotted herd, noises and all.

Robert put away the remaining chocolate, aware of Jordana's less than receptive body language and instead chose a different line of approach.

"And whom would you have taken away with you had you won the trip?", he asked Jordana casually, as he offered her the crook of his arm to lead her ahead of the flock and towards the doorway.

Flattered that she was being treated differently, Jordana accepted the procured arm preceded to snuggle up beside him and with a wink said, "Why you of course".


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    • WuckingFurries profile imageAUTHOR

      Leanne Mifsud 

      5 years ago from Mackay Qld Australia

      lol Cheers!

    • efeyas profile image


      5 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

      OMG! These girls are crazy! Great story, voted up :D


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