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Chetan Bhagat books review

Updated on January 15, 2012

About the author

Chetan Bhagat is the biggest selling English Language novelist in India's history. He is the most impressive writer in India's history so far. Chetan writes typically for the youth. The thing that advocates this statement is the romance factor in each of his five novels. Chetan's books are always entertaining and have tendency to bring a change. The latest release of Chetan Bhagat is "Revolution 2020". Time Magazine has listed Chetan Bhagat in the "100 most influential people in the world".

Chetan Bhagat quit his banking job in 2009 to devote his full time in writing. He is a motivational speaker and writes columns for leading English and Hindi newspapers focusing on youth and national development issues.

What makes Chetan Bhagat's book a bestseller

According to my personal experience, Chetan Bhagat's books are very close to reality. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out whether the book is fictional or real. Every scene can be visualized by the readers very easily. This is a very difficult task which can be achieved only by detailed research.

Chetan Bhagat's story telling is unique and entertaining. He takes care of every aspect of entertainment such as romance, drama, and most importantly the message which could bring a change,

My favorites

Chetan has written five novels as following.

  • Revolution 2020
  • 2 states
  • The 3 mistakes of my life
  • One night @ the call center
  • Five Point Someone

I have read all of them, and none of them disappointed me. However, I would recommend the following three books out the five which you must read and are the most entertaining.

  1. Five Point Someone
  2. The 3 mistakes of my life
  3. Revolution 2020

I would also like to recommend that "2 states" must be read after "five point someone".

To know more about Chetan Bhagat


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    • imvarunkmr profile image

      Varun Kumar 5 years ago from Punjab, India

      Thanks James, your comment motivated me a lot. I am sure you will enjoy reading Chetan Bhagat.

    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 5 years ago

      Hello and welcome to HubPages. I have never heard of Chetan Bhagat until I read this hub. I did a quick search on his name and found out that the five books you mentioned have all remained bestsellers since their release date, which is pretty impressive. I am always looking for a good read and I will definitely check this author out. Thanks for sharing.