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Chihuahuas - an Exploration of Sorts

Updated on August 23, 2016

Chihuahuas have recently developed a strong popularity with people all over the world. I am uncertain whether to attribute this fact to a television commercial for a fast food restaurant that featured a talking dog, a young starlet/heiress who carried a small canine with her everywhere she went, or if the other more hardy breeds - Dobermans for example – have waned in popularity for some reason.

They are certainly curious little creatures, as diminutive as they are adorable. And for such a tiny breed – according to Wikipedia, the American Kennel Club (AKC) lists them as the “smallest” type of dog, they have quite a pair of lungs. My neighbors have a small collection of these animals and I am very certain that they are trying out for the New York Metropolitan Opera. And that is even when there are no sirens around. Often, they call out tirelessly making me believe they are inspired by something either terribly divine or with a desire to punish.

An Ancient Sketch of the Chihuahua

Where Do Chihuahuas Come From?

Well, as one might have guessed, Chihuahuas are from Mexico. More specifically the state of Chihuahua which also happens to be the origination of Taco Bell. Actually I just made that up because it was the Taco Bell restaurant chain that featured a talking dog with an affinity for American fast food cuisine. Of course, this brings up another issue because not only do dogs not talk, but they should not consume foods from Taco Bell or any other convenient restaurant chain because they would lose all their hair as well as their ability to bark at strangers or opossums that run along the fence that separates you from your neighbors.

These animals have an interesting history and if you peruse many of the interesting internet sites out there you will discover that there is no definite key to their lineage. However, they were first recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1904. Some scientists believe that the contemporary Chihuahua is a relative of the Techichi which was a breed domesticated by the indigenous people of what is contemporary Mexico, the Toltecs. During the period of about the year 1000, they were domesticated and considered important enough to be buried with their owners. The Techichi would follow their human masters into the afterlife.

Several other theories support ancestry in China as well as European countries. I won’t take any space here elaborating on the details because they can easily be discovered using an internet search. Quite odd when one considers this fact and compares it to some of the theories about the discovery of the New World. And then again, some of you may be adherents of the Pangea theory that there really was no separation of the people and animals other than the geographic one which resulted from plate tectonics.

One theory however that has not been seriously investigated is that these animals might have been left on planet earth when it was visited by alien beings about two million years ago. The visitors brought the dogs with them because they were unwanted on the world they left. Also, when cooked at the right temperature, Chihuahua meat is quite a delicacy. Also, the hides of their bodies can easily be converted into mittens which helped protect the alien visitors from such ethereal elements like star dust. Even though several scholars have suggested this theory, the accuracy of the Alien Chihuahua deposit theory has been determined

Modern Day Chihuahuas Act Out Ancient Rituals
Modern Day Chihuahuas Act Out Ancient Rituals
A Master with Pet  (the master is wearing the detective costume)
A Master with Pet (the master is wearing the detective costume)

The Popularity of the Chihuahua Today

According to a survey, the Chihuahua may have been the 24th most popular breed in the U.S. but is the 4th most popular in the world. See chart below. This animal is an important element in popular culture having acted in commercials and cartoons. The Chihuahua also serves other important purposes such barking at mail carriers and children at the corner house. It has a quick disposition and can manage to navigate almost any obstacle course presented to it. In certain instances the little dog has demonstrated an ability to communicate in languages that people can understand. It may in fact be bilingual which makes it a valuable ambassador for the purposes of international relations and probably should be assigned to every UN Assembly member for that purpose.

The breed is also quite resilient being able to withstand extreme desert temperatures. This attribute makes it suitable for homes in any region on the globe as well as a candidate for assisting in the exploration of outer space. You may have heard of Laika, the first dog in space, whose contributions to modern science are invaluable. The intelligence factor of dogs, coupled with their affinity towards playful activities make them ideal astronauts. Because of their small stature, it is possible to ship a colony of Chihuahuas in a vessel that would be comfortable for two human beings.

The dog also has a keen ability to train people. Often when they come in contact with people, the dog manages to convince a human family to feed it, provide it clothing, give it shelter and maintain proper canine hygiene. Some breeds have even managed to navigate their way into the upper echelons of human society, attaching themselves to celebrities and discovering careers in literature and film.

Laika was the First Dog in Space
Laika was the First Dog in Space
A Chihuahua Astronaut Prepares for an Important Mission
A Chihuahua Astronaut Prepares for an Important Mission

The Future of the Chihuahua

Chihuahuas will probably be around for quite some time because their toy breed status makes them attractive to potential owners. They are good around children and are known for their loyalty towards a single master. Often they will borrow into couches, clothing or other similar domestic setups as if they were living in a personal den. They are nice animals and can sometimes get along with other dogs, but often they prefer their own breed. In some cases they can be persistent in their pursuits and can be perceived as needy.

Because of their tendencies toward being vocal, they can be good guard dogs even though their tiny stature may not be much of a threat. What they lack in size though, they compensate for in perseverance and are not afraid to lunge toward a perceived opponent or even engage in an attack. They enjoy going for walks like most other dogs of course, and because they are small, the deposits they leave behind are easy to clean up after.

Many dog lovers understand that when a pet passes, it is like losing a family member. Some people have been known to keep the ashes of the dog, and set up altars in their home. Chihuahuas are easy for taxidermists to preserve and there are those who have enjoyed keeping a resemblance of their former pet as stuffed animal toys. They are known for their clean and smooth skin and some are described as “hairless”. This makes them excellent candidates for the manufacture of clothing: some have been turned into moccasins, mittens even toilet seat covers.

The Chihuahua is a creature which is certain to be a good companion and will serve its purpose even after it is dead.

Chihuahua skins make excellent gloves for cold hands
Chihuahua skins make excellent gloves for cold hands

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