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Kittens Children's Story--humane lesson

Updated on February 27, 2013

Kitten Story

Children's Story Feral Kittens

Two Kittens Come Home to Stay

They always went to the animal rescue once a month and made a donation. Tiffany loved going there and handing the lady the bag of dry food as a donation for the cats.

A wintery day just after Christmas, her mother took her to the rescue to make a donation as they always did, and waited on the ground floor of this old Victorian house that Katrin kept the cats in.

Tiffany always went upstairs with her mother to visit the cats where they roamed freely. Cats were everywhere and all different colors and sizes. There was a huge cat that looked like Garfield that everyone went over to pet. This orange cat was there temporarily until its owner came home from the hospital. Everyone admired him, and you certainly couldn’t miss him he was HUGE!

There were black cats snoozing in the towel pantry which had no door on it; curled up purring and enjoying the pets they got from visitors. A gray cat with stripes and his brother played at the desk. They loved each other a lot, so they were marked to be adopted together in one home. The brother cats wouldn’t be separated, and were so cute.

Both Tiffany and her mother couldn’t help to hear the conversation and look into the cat carrier where there were four little kittens, two were black and two were striped gray in color. They seemed fine and heard Katrin say there wasn’t any more room for them in the rescue house.

Katrin shook her head and looked over to Tiffany’s mother asking,

“You wouldn’t happen to have room to keep these feral kittens and tame them would you?

Something was going to happen if they stayed in the Animal Shelter where they were found, because feral cats aren’t used to humans and spit and cower from them. Katrin knew that if she didn’t take them from there they might be in trouble.

So Tiffany’s mother agreed to take the two black ones, and the lady who had them agreed to take the two gray ones. Her mother agreed to keep them for two weeks.

Both kittens were wrapped up with towels over their carrying case and brought to Tiffany’s home for the two weeks agreed upon. They found the perfect room a large bathroom that had a floor vent where the heat came up, so they put a box with a warm baby’s blanket in it and their litter box. If they were kept in one room they couldn’t get into anything to hide and get hurt in.

The first week the female black kitten spit at them when coming in the room, but the black male cat looked at his sister not really sure why she was afraid of Tiffany and her mother.

“Oh mommy; look how cute she is and so tiny acting like a big panther. Her brother seems to like us he never spits.”

“She is probably trying to protect him from us, but soon she will learn we won’t hurt her. They sure are cute aren’t they Tiffany?”

“Yeah I think we should ask daddy if we can keep them.”

“Well let’s wait and see, there is a movie on let them eat and rest and we can try and leave the door open now since they have been here for a week.”

Her mother took Tiffany to the living room to watch a new movie. Her father sat in his recliner with his feet up enjoying the movie too and snacking on some popcorn.

About an hour passed while the family watched the movie, and suddenly her father put his hand down and felt something crawl between him and the recliner arm settling in. It was the male cat and he began to purr happily snuggling beside Tiffany’s father. Well there was no reason not to ask him at that perfect time.

“Awwww daddy can we keep him, he likes ya.”

Her father was petting the tiny cat and softened, he nodded with a smile to his daughter.

“Yes I think this little brave cat should be called Hero.”

The female kitten that hissed a lot came walking into the living room crying and looking for her brother. Tiffany picked her up with no trouble and began petting her, bringing her to the sofa to watch the rest of the movie.

“Well if you’re naming him Hero then this one should be named Heroine, we can keep her too right? You can’t separate them when they love each other, Katrin said so.”

Her father laughed and loved animals as much as his wife and Tiffany did and shook his head yes. Her mother knew they had these kittens for life now, all of them had bonded.

Tiffany’s mother was a language teacher in school and she had an idea.

“Maybe we can tell the children in school not to give up on taming a feral cat so they get tamed and adopted too.”

Both kittens were more than tame and received names the family thought fitted them. The kittens played and tumbled through the house, ran up and down their toys, and loved scratching the scratch posts Tiffany’s father bought them.

Hero became a bit rough playing with his sister… he was all boy that was for sure. Tiffany took the tie off her robe and ran through the house to have both of them run after her trying to grab it. This became a big game and every time she put her robe on they wanted to play.

As Hero and Heroine grew up Tiffany and her parents helped run fundraisers for feral cats and owned prime examples that a feral cat could be tamed.

Written (c) B. A. Williams


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