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Children suffer from obesity

Updated on January 29, 2016

Obese children are more likely to be ill and mostly absent from school very often due to illness. In today's world, there is an increasing number of children suffering obesity mostly due to malnutrition and lack of exercise. Children when they come back from school they sit in front of the computer sometimes till they go to bed and eat all the bad food. In some cases, if the parents are obese, the children also become fat which is because of hereditary. Obesity is a fast growing problem among the children and the adults in every country in the world. Children always learn everything from the parents, if the parents are eating junk food at home the children would do the same in the country and also they will have the same habit when they are eating outside on their own.

Consequences of being an obese

Obese children might become seriously ill, due to eating fatty food; they can suffer from high cholesterol, due to too much of sugar in food can cause diabetes type 2 and other illnesses like asthma, cardiovascular disease. They also can suffer from obstructive sleep and mental disorders. Some kids start to worry about the body, and they lose their self-esteem and confidence, that can lead to depression. Every one of us want to impress other people by showing off our good appearance; that is one of the initial issues to make any connection with anyone. So, we become deprived if we lose that by our bad habits of eating unhealthy meals and lack of exercise.

Finding ways to solve the problem

Further, in today's society life has become so busier and people spend more time with TV, computers and video games, so kids do not spend much time outside. In some homes, parents eat the ready meals and do not spend time with kids at the dinner table with home prepared meals. We as parents should set the examples of eating proper meals with the kids on a regular basis so that they will learn to eat the good food. You need to set a meal plan on a weekly basis that helps you stop buying junk foods from the shops, take the kids to go for shopping and also teach your children to cook with you. They need activities to burn off their energy, you ned to encourage to go biking, swimming after school, and organize the weekend activities. All these will help the to lose some weight on a regular basis, and also, make sure that your child weight regularly.

Following a healthy lifestyle is the biggest solution to come out of this child obesity problem. Many healthy habits start when your kids are very young, so encouraging to live like that is your responsibility as a parent. The children become automatically physically active and will be out of mental distress about their looks that make them happy and satisfied. It is up to us to help the children to change what they have gone through when they were obese.


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