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Children's Stories with Moral and Entertainment: The Blind Vulture

Updated on April 14, 2011

A tree provided shelter for many birds. A blind old vulture came one day to live in the tree. The birds welcomed him. They decided to give the old vulture food as well. The blind vulture decided to protect their young ones in return. So, they lived happily. One day, a cat passing by that tree heard the noise of the young birds. But, the young ones saw the cat and began chirping in fright. The blind vulture shouted at the stranger. The cat decided to befriend him, so she said, "I have heard much about your intelligence from the birds on the banks of the river. I just came to meet you and feel honored”. “Who are you?” enquired the vulture. “I am a cat.”, replied the cat. “Go away" threatened the vulture "otherwise I’ll eat you up.” But when she pleaded, the vulture decided to listen to her. The cat said that she lived on the other side of the river. She also confessed that she doesn't eat meat and takes bath everyday in the river and went on to add that others have misrepresented me to you. That is the reason you were ready to kill a poor cat like me. I think you should treat me like a guest. Even if you don't want to offer food to me, at least you could be kind to me.

The Old Vulture replied that he could not trust her since she is a carnivorus animal while young birds lived theres. The clever cat could act very well. She acted innocent saying "I believe killing is immoral because scriptures forbid it. I live on herbs, fruits and vegetable and cannot commit the sin of killing." The Vulture believed her. He permitted the cat to stay with them. The cunning cat, however, began eating the young birds one by one without the least suspicion from the blind vulture. The birds were worried by thier missing kids and began looking for them. The cat fearing for her life as the situation began heating up quietly ran away. The unfortunate blind vulture didn't know what had happened, so she lay down near the hollow of the tree. The cat had heaped the bones of young ones here. The birds found the remains of thier young ones with extreme anger and disappointment. The shouted in extreme agitation, "The cruel vulture has killed our kids, we shall punish this ungrateful vulture." They were so enraged by the ingratitude of the blind vulture that mobbed him to death. The innocent vulture didn't even get the chance to defend himself before the group of birds killed him. Moral of the story is that one should never trust someone whom they do not know well.


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    • A_K profile image

      Ajit Kumar Jha 5 years ago from Delhi

      I will be more than happy. Please do write the poem you want. My best wishes. Thanks

    • chivs86 profile image

      chivs86 5 years ago from Baldock/ Letchworth, Hertfordshire. UK

      I don't know how you feel about this, but I read this hub and it gave me the idea to write my own poem for it,

      hope that's okay.

    • A_K profile image

      Ajit Kumar Jha 5 years ago from Delhi

      Very true. Thanks

    • profile image

      sruthi 6 years ago

      a chance to say never trust anyone