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The Pearl Castle

Updated on September 20, 2017
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Sheila's a kids' picture book author. She loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

The Secret Pearls

On a sparkling Isle lived Avangelica who was fascinated by her house made of amber and precious gems. She yearned to reveal the secret of her beach's pearls. Her dad always spoke ardently to her, and he educated her on what she must do to keep her rich fruit trees in bloom. She hustled to pick the ripest fruit, so her dad could sell the best ones in the local bazaar near the gold mountain.

Every day, Avangelica wondered about discerning a secret of the gold mountain on top of a hill; except, she did not possess the heart to venture from her cozy house. As she matured, she learned her pals were combing the Isle’s shores looking for the purest white pearls. The pearls intrigued everyone’s imagination! When grasped firmly a burst of energy was felt all around. Avangelica traded her orchard of fruit trees for baskets of pearls she placed in her cellar. Her crypt glowed with a copious force that energized her entire house.

Avangelica turned into a ravishing beauty! Her silky hair sparkled and grew incredibly. Her skin was soft and milky, and she was the prettiest mademoiselle yet. One day, she was invited to a sweet sixteen party, at the top, of the gold mountain in a pearl castle. It was Kalvin’s birthday, and she wanted to wear the most beautiful gown ever. Hence, she made an exquisite ball dress covered with faultless pearls and lace. And off with her Dad, she went to grace her friends with her angelic charisma.

Avangelica could not suppose how far she saw in the ocean blue from the top of the gold mountain, as she walked towards the illuminated pearl castle. She was a breath of refreshing air at the party, and Kalvin fell passionately in love with her when he stared into her piercing, brilliant eyes.

Still, she saw something dreadfully disturbing in the ocean waters as she peered and became hypnotized by the fascinating sea view. She perceived ships of bandits were heading towards the island, to ransack the Islanders’ treasured homes, and she immediately alarmed everyone. Each guest lit a candle so the walls of the pearl castle could reflect a blinding light over the sea, to frighten away the Buccaneers. The Islanders eagerly hoped to protect their places below. She continued to peer into the glassy sea as the warm aura of the pearl castle blew the ship asunder with a powerful internal force. She described the heroic triumph to her friends and felt the tiny pearls of her dress captivate a deep secret within the palace ramparts. She tingled with excitement!

Out of the blue, Avangelica yearned to leave her cherished home to find out what became of the pirate ships, and from whence they came, for her precious islet was never graced by outsiders. She wished the secret force within her pearly dress to grant her a long life no matter what it brought. She cajoled her dad to build her a small pearl boat with the baskets of chaste pearls she hid in her vault.

Avangelica Says Goodbye

Avangelica greeted farewell to everyone the day her boat was ready to sail, and she promised to return safely before long. She immediately set sail dressed in her stunning pearl gown, and surprise, she fell into a deep slumber.

The pearl boat drifted with the ocean waves for months, and she dreamt of her young life and the dear old islanders. She set down on a cold, sandy, coast of Eastern Europe, and she could not fathom the bleakness about her, compared to the luminosity of her rich Isle.

The whiteness of her pearl boat and sparkling dress had faded, and she had aged. However, she felt younger than ever! Though she could not realize why her skin wrinkled, and hair thinned so suddenly; she believed this was the price she paid for venturing off from family.

Avangelica’s pearl gown drew lots of attention from European fashion designers, and they wanted her to make breathtaking dresses with her unique beads. She agreed to their desires, and hastily began sewing dress samples with elegant pearl patterns. She adored the limelight of working in the mod universe.

At times, she remembered her dad and the intriguing pearl castle of her rich Isle. Even so, the years, persistently rolled by, and she grew older and elderly, however, astonishingly, she never became ill. She found out how to camouflage her parched wrinkles with the most expensive makeup. No one ever questioned her about her age. She easily pulled in new contacts and became a most famous dress designer. Her pearl dresses were a hot commodity and everyone wanted to wear an Avangelica Pearl Gown of exquisite colors.

Do you believe Avangelica was just in running away from home?
Do you believe Avangelica was just in running away from home? | Source

Avangelica Discovers the Secret of Her Isle's Rare Pearls

Still, one gloomy day she managed to run out of white pearls for her formal dress prints. After that, she realized it was time to head back home because now she desperately needed the exceptional pearls of the pearl castle for her newest pearl designs. She eagerly entered her pearl boat wearing her old pearl dress; she had persevered and fell sound asleep once more. The boat drifted among the waves, and she figured the secret force of her pearl dress would know how to maneuver the boat home.

She hoped she would make it to her treasured home soundly. Without faltering, she arrived at the shores of her dazzling Isle and landed along her pearly, diamond beach. She quickly went towards her golden house! As she moved, she turned into a ravishing beauty once more, and her wrinkles vanished within minutes. She amazingly resembled the day she turned fifteen, a beautiful mademoiselle. She wondered about her dad and hoped she would find him tendering her rose garden.

She spotted her dad picking fruit, looking, not a day older! She could not believe her eyes, and then she gazed into a mirror. She was joyfully young all over again! She wondered about the disappearance of her deep wrinkles, for she was as brilliant as the day she'd been swept away so long ago. She conceived the Isle’s beads contained a sweet, mysterious secret! For eighty years had elapsed since she last saw him, and he was more robust than ever. Her dad appeared stronger than an ox!

She vowed never to leave her treasured Isle again because there truly was no place like her sweet, dazzling, gold home, where no one aged or passed away. "There's no place like home." She could not wait to scale up the gold mountain to see her handsome Kalvin, who lived in the pearl castle.

She fancied he would love to hear the interesting stories about the intricate dresses she made for celebrities, and about the people she met beyond the pearl castle’s intriguing Isle seas. She eagerly skipped up the gold mountain and found her darling Kalvin, playing Polo in the pearl castle’s manicured grounds. He hastily jumped off his white horse and dashed to meet her, the moment his glance drooled over her charisma.

Kalvin embraced Avangelica kindly and mystified her with a charming kiss. Next, he delicately fastened a brilliant pearl necklace he had crafted especially for her, and gently braided her silky flaxen hair. They fell wholly in love as they gazed into each other's eyes!

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I'll Be the Princess and You Can Be My Prince!

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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