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Children's story in rhyme: A Leaf Followed Me Home Today

Updated on October 6, 2011
A sample of my illustration for this storybook.
A sample of my illustration for this storybook.

A Leaf Followed Me Home Today

An illustrated children's book by Maureen D. Friedman

A leaf followed me home today.

In a blustery way, at my feet it lay.

From school to my house, as quiet as a mouse,

a crunchy brown leaf followed me home.

For what it wanted, the leaf did not ask for.

So I just let it sit outside of my door.

Now and again I took a peak or two.

Never staring too long, never meaning to be rude.

When I looked out again at my front doormat,

There was the leaf; there it still sat.

So I put on my sweater, my jacket and shoes.

And stepped out my door, hoping for clues.

But the leaf began to float in the breeze.

Drifting onto my yard with the greatest of ease.

It finally landed, to my surprise,

On the top of a leaf pile, right before my eyes.

The rest of the day I spent at play, pleased that my leaf had found its way.


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