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China and European Union: Rise of English as language of Globalization

Updated on June 13, 2012

English in China

China, as known to the world, is a country that preaches communism. This is one nation that has a much closed economic structure and also a very secure administration. The progress or the happening in this nation is not easily available to the rest of the world. However, the number of English speakers in the country has gone up steadily all through the years. This is mainly because the government of the country started promoting the language English, throughout the country. This is mainly because China had to succeed in the global market. This is hence a clear indication that English is accepted by China as a global language and that the possibility of globalization can be brought into reality only by making this language a choice of the educational institutions in the nation. (Baldauf, R.B. & Jernudd. B.H., 1993)

Business Process Outsourcing is a very important revenue generator in most of the Asian countries. This is a process by which the western countries outsource their work in order to enjoy better profits. In order to earn revenue using this field of the Information Technology, a country should have a good number of citizens who can communicate effectively with the western countries. It is a known fact that English is the most common language in the West. Hence, it is very important to include English in the curriculum when designing the syllabus for the educational institutions. This will bring about great changes to the economy of the country. “The language of the major tribe across the world will play a major role in making the planet a better place to subsist.” (Gledhill. C, 2000)


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