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The Making of Chinese Democracy : A James Bond 007 Parody - Introduction

Updated on January 8, 2013

The Making of Chinese Democracy : A James Bond 007 Parody - Introduction

The new revelations by the Weakyleaks organisation on secret US documents has sent shock waves throughout the world.

The diplomatic and political circles of the Western powers in particular are in a panic over the publication of the contents of thousands of confidential files.

The actions of the intelligence community and the military under the direction of the politicians in Washingon have been laid bare to public examination and alarm as never before.

One of the most startling discoveries was the true story behind the release of one of the most controversial Rock albums in history.

The album 'Chinese Democracy' by shock rockers Guns n' Roses led by the enigmatic figure of Axl Rose.

An album over 13 years in the making, shrouded in heavy secrecy and steeped in speculation it eventually saw the light of day in November of 2008.

Reactions were mixed from the outset and questions were raised at the time about what really occurred behind the scenes of this sinister enterprise. Tales of intrigue and scandal floated around the music industry for years before coming to the attention of the intelligence services who became concerned at the rumours.

Music was leaked and employees and associates sometimes broke the silence by speaking of some of the strange happenings. But throughout, the high-level project mostly guarded its secrets. The reclusive behaviour of Axl Rose and his sometimes erratic and volatile reactions to enquiry only added to the mystery.

But now the secret documents exposed by Weakyleaks in early 2010 have revealed the true story behind one of the most notorious Rock Music productions in the history of the genre. It tells of how the CIA were constantly monitoring the operation in the interests of national security but also how they failed for so long to break down the wall of silence.

The involvement of US government forces and the military was for long suspected but now we know that the British Secret Service was heavily involved in the later stages. One of their top agents managed to infiltrate the Chinese Democracy project to discover the truth and which led to an astonishing climax.

We spoke with the Weakyleaks founder Jonathon Arsinge to discuss the revelations and what impact he felt it had on the US and British governemts:

"Look! If you mention anything about Sweden, absolutely anything about Stockholm then I'm out of here"

The whole affair had obviously affected Arsinge and his arrest and charge by the British police had cast a cloud over his efforts. When we pushed him for an answer he replied:

"It's all a set-up, I tell you. They are at it. They are at it big time. Women! I'm finished with them! Can't trust any of them. I bet they've been put up to this. I just bet you they have. Probably CIA plants, Washington will have been behind all this. They're out to get me, they're all out to get me"

This may have sounded like the ravings of paranoid delusion but in his case he probably has a fair point. But no doubt he will look forward to future leaked documentation that may prove his particular conspiracy theory. We await and see.

The US State Department acted swiftly on the leaks and in particular the risky operation against Axl Rose. Hillary Clinton commented; "These leaks have put American lives at risk" although she couldn't exactly explain why.

Needless to say that Axl Rose has maintained a stalwart silence on the matter.

His only reaction to our reporter's questions was to throw a coffee pot at him in the lobby of a Helsinki hotel.

Ace guitarist Slash, who was also mentioned in the files was not aggressive but no more talkative than his ex-partner in the band.

"Hey man! Leave me outa all this stuff! I just wanna play music, I just wanna Rock n'' Roll. What d'ya think of my new solo album? Who would've thought that Fergie could sing metal? She sure can wail dude!"

And now today we have the release of a major motion picture based on the files. For the first time we can enjoy a cinematic insight into possibly the most expensive and controversial Rock album ever made.

Ladies and Gentlemen , we give you 'The Making of Chinese Democracy : A James Bond 007 Parody'



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