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Chip Rhymes

Updated on October 4, 2017

The ChipMunks


Three Chipmunks, one named Alvin.
Others are Theodore and Simon.
They all lived together in a tree.
But when it was cut they were forced to be.
Forced to be in the city of L.A.
Happy, because of they may be on their way.
So they meet a songwriter.
He was also a struggling composer.
He is David Seville. Looking for a winner.
Then met the Chipmunks and saw that he had singers.
Meanwhile, his ex-roommate Ian Hawk.
Kept making sure all he wrote came to a stop.
Hawk's the executive of Jett Records.
But the chipmunks will take off Daves's pressure.
They made a deal to sing all that he writes.
Dave supplies food and light.
He introduces them to Ian.
Asks them to start singing.
but they freeze because of stage fright.
Dave is then fired on sight.
They wanted to make it up to dave.
They went back in an attempt to save.
They sang for Ian and he loved them.
He Called Dave the next day and gave him
He gave him back his Job. He saw it's real.
& he signed Daves act to a record deal.
After a few singles, they were a huge success.
Ian loved it but Dave expressed.
He expressed concern for their well being.
Ian was loving it but Dave was insisting.
Insisting that they are children.
Children, that don't need the craziness.
The chipmunks ignore it and move in with Ian.
Meanwhile, Dave is wishing they come home.
Ian is using them to build his throne.
Taking them on a world tour.
But sees their exhaustion and recognizes the cure.
But the money he obtained was too great.
He had them lip sync. He refused to take.
Refused, to take the boys off the stage.
Ian, will not listen to Dave.
The chipmunks escape Ian's care.
They then realize that Dave is right there.

Jason Lee
David Cross
Justin Long
Matthew Gubler
Jess McCartney

Alvin and the Chipmunk: The Squeakuel

The Music Program

The Chipmunks became Dave's family.
Well rested and still singing.
Doing a concert in Paris, France.
Daves arranges for them to advance.
He arranges for them to go to school.
Getting an education is the #1 rule.
Meanwhile, Ian is still around.
Working on three chipmunks he found.
With the first three, he failed.
But gives it another try with these females.
Brittney, Eleanor, and Jeanette.
Became the well-known chippetes.
The males were in school. They were hated.
Hated by the Jocks for taking.
Their women's attention from them.
The Jocks wanted to kill them.
They are now in the principle's office.
They find he's a fan and that he's enlisted.
Enlisted to help them in a contest.
To raise money for the music department.
Their success became a huge story.
Ian read it and started preparing.
To enroll his chipettes, in the same school.
They meet the Chipmunks and a rivalry brews.
The Chipmunks learn that the Chippettes.
are Ian's new plan for success.
Meanwhile, Alvin becomes accepted.
But Theodore and Simon are neglected.
Alvin joins the football team.
But ditches the concert because he had a game.
The Chippettes ended up winning it.
Alvin tries to apologize for it.
They ignore him. Theodore runs away.
They go after him and make up the next day.
Meanwhile, the chippetes are hired.
but only Brittany Ian wants to be featured.
As a result, they were caged together.
From the cage, they call the chipmunks.
They rescue them and put to a stop.
Ian's plan to be largely wealthy.
They performed together and raised the money....

Jason Lee
David Cross
Wendi Malick
Justin Long
Matthew Gubler
Jessie McCartney
Christina Applegate
Anna Faris
Amy Poehler

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked


The Chipettes and Chipmunks teamed up.
They are on vacation on a ship.
On a cruise ship, they were all relaxing.
Until Alvin started misbehaving.
Later on, Dave is the savior.
He goes and apologizes for Alvin's behavior.
but Alvin just keeps being him.
Keeping the boys following him.
They try to keep him out of much trouble.
Alvin is just going to get into trouble.
Meanwhile, the chipettes find their own.
In a dance club, establishing their throne.
but an old boss working is security.
That security worker just happens to be.
Ian Hawk. He reports them all.
Hoping that the captain will punish them all.
Simon and Alvin are caught in their act.
While the chipettes, are being yelled at.
The next day they are all flying away.
David gets on a glider to save the day.
Ian attempts to stop him.
They stop, but in the Pacific Ocean
The chipmunks are lost together.
On an island, wishing it was over.
They peacefully sleep and wake the next day.
They then meet Zoe, an island castaway.
Sleeping at Zoe's tree house through the night.
Simon wakes not remembering, anything in sight.
He thinks that his name is Simone.
He then becomes attracted.
Attracted to Jeanette but he didn't take kindly.
That Alvin was attracted to Brittany.
They go to a lake with a waterfall.
Where Simon gives Jeanette a crown.
They later found Dave and Ian.
Building a raft, to get off the island.
But Simone is reverted back to Simon.
But in the midst, Jennette is taken.
Taken by Zoe. They head towards the lake.
In the midst of it, David and Alvin.
Realized why Zo was holding.
He wants Jeanette to get the gold in a cave.
but a rumble on the island frees her to dave.
Attempting, to get back to the raft.
Crossing the lake, that's the hardest path.
They cross it and avoided the eruption.
They all got together and accomplished.

Jason Lee
David Cross
Jenny State
Justin Long
Matthew Gubler
Jesse McCartney
Christina Applegate
Anna Faris
Amy Poehler

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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