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Chivs86 Poetry - !Acupuncture! -

Updated on May 30, 2014

Chivs86 Poetry -

The worst thing - first thing
there in the morning
like waking up
walking on drawing pins.

Getting up out of your bed
with bare feet.
If this actually happened though
I dare not think

but what could be worse than this -
sharp stabbing pain
piercing into your feet?

(Till you're letting out a screech)

What about this for making a scene?

Getting a javelin -
stabbed through the middle of your knee
by a challenger

or how about this for intense

An attempt to climb over
a 6 feet fence...
with a sign on it that says...


because of its sharp metal heads
Imagine this - getting stuck with each leg
on each side,
till poking up out of your ribs
is these sharp metal spikes
going straight through your guts
till what gives -
It's like a hit that never miss
sharp metal bits,
ripping up into your flesh...

until your lungs puncture


The cause of death,
by impaling,
Maybe the worst way there is,
long and painful.


but can you believe it
there are people out there
that like to take it
and act like it's painless

(getting stabbed in the back with sharp pins)

Acupuncture -
the sport of a human dart board

(needles piercing into the skin)

(masochists like a doctor with a syringe)

Can you believe that
I bet they laugh as they puncture...

in this insane practice of

needles inserted in the the skin-
of ancient Chinese in origin,
that so called traditional medicine
A placebo effect of putting pins
- underneath -
somehow for its effects of pain relief

but then again,
it's the same in a sense
as walking across hot coals
off your head
it's alright in the end
when you get used to it
it's alright in the end

Though in my opinion -
I'm not a dartboard who lets
pricks in
a practice best left for the Pinhead

So as it goes with this acupuncture
I'm not into sadomasochism
having pricks put in my skin...
a practice...
best left for the Pinhead!

putting pricks in till they puncture


Back Story and Inspiration

I wrote this piece this morning, I got the idea after my older sister started moaning about a drawing pin lying about 'pin-side up' on the floor. So I picked this drawing pin up and I thought (yes it is a bit of an evil thing to be thinking) but, what if someone was asleep in bed and whilst they was out somebody surrounded their bed with drawing pins (pin-side up obviously). That's got to be the most horrible prank in the world (p.s don't try this at home), and one that most likely would work every time.

Back to the poem though, I wanted to make a reference to the character of Pinhead out of the film/ comic book 'Hell raiser', not a film I've seen but, anyway that was the inspiration for the naming of this poem. I came up with that and thought 'acupuncture, the therapy of inserting needles in your skin'; which also I read about on Wikipedia and after taking a little while to structure my words I finally finished one of my best new poems for a little while.

Updated 30/05/14

2 years after writing this poem I have revised it as the above words have come back to haunt me - I said this was one of my best poems for a while, but just checking my hubpages today this was actually one of my lowest rated poem. So I have updated accordingly to make the poem more grammatically correct, and better structured.


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