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Chivs86 Lyrics - Get Your Teeth Brushed.

Updated on April 2, 2012


Get your teeth brushed.
I'm too busy writing to read,
to theif from
I already frighten mc's,
out of their freedom
they find it hard to keep up
or keep touch
I take them all away to the cleaners.

I please much...
out of everyone who listens
like an empire state
for the face of Great Britain
I take listens
and all of them bars to heart
and I'll do anything
for them not to call my bluff.
Make a fool of what
it is that I does
cos at the end of it
I just want to be the one
and at the end of it
I just want to be the one.
I just want to be the one.

Without an entourage
because nah i dont need none.
Im happy with myself
not causing treason
as the beats drums
I paint the picture
it's warfare -
i started this
like Adolf Hitler

like Adolf, Mr Hitler
It's going awol
in a blitz of blisters.
All over the place
A new age
A new dawn
A new day
for this tube of toothpaste.



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