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8 Miles down the Road from Tavistock.

Updated on February 18, 2016

Chivs86 Poetry -
8 Miles Down the Road from Tavistock

If you're down the Moors'
then why not take a look
8 miles down the road from Tavistock,

because here lye's
the withered home
of the spirited land
of Whiddecombe.

Best known for its fair,
but in 1638 the despair -
when the Devil came round here
on October the 31st of that year.

It was during the middle of a service,
when he tied up his horse
to one of the church's four pinnacles
to search...
for a man he had heard
was sat in the back room playing cards.

A card player on the run,
and this is where the four aces
legend comes from..

The story of the four different fields
in the shape's of a
and a Club.

There because of what
this Demon had done.
It is said
that with the storm
when off he went to ride -

With the card player as his prize
to untie the horse it must have slipped his mind
because as they galloped off
on this stormy night
it was said that a lot of people had died

From the pinnacle that was tied
pulled off by this dark horses sheer might
causing the roof to collapse
by the time that this Devil was free to ride

with the card cheat by his side
and here's how it's said the four fields were designed

From the four aces that were dropped
across the moors
when the devil rode off
they fell out the card cheats sleeve
in the wake of all these poor people

They're still about in the rumors around;

that Whiddecombe
is a known Ghost Town!

Original Idea/ Inspiration.

My inspiration for this Poem came from watching the TV show 'Celebrity Ghost Stories' on the Biography Channel. This episode in particular featured the american actor David Stern; his story is that during his honeymoon in 1980 he visited the UK and while here, after going for a drive in the countryside that he stumbled upon the village of Widecombe in Devon. A story non-sensed by locals but, claimed by the actor that along with his new wife was not haunted by not one ghost, but by everyone and everything he see.

A story backed up by the Inn keeper of his destination in close by Tavistock, but according to locals this story is hugely exaggerated and Widecombe Devon is like a lot of villages in the area.

As for myself though being quite keen to find out I've done my own research and I have based my poem on the events supposedly responsible for this haunting and the associated legend about the Devil and the four aces. I plan to visit this place one day to see for myself, but from what I assume from the locals I've spoke to is that this ghost story is a load of rubbish and Widecombe is actually quite a nice place.


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