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Chivs86 Poetry - A Mystery (Are You Sirius? Part 2).

Updated on April 11, 2012

Continued from ...

Are you serious?
An Alien race from the Sirius
star system how mysterious!

Is how this Dogon tribe really met,
who they say they did,
and what they was taught.

Well it certainaly would explain a lot
because in no way
could they have known this before

Our greatest scientists did, record.
but even wierder is how they knew more.

How They really did,
Thats the mystery of the Sirius.
How they knew about the whole A,B & C.
Whilst we only knew about the star A we see.

The Dog star, whilst they were able to speak
of star B - It's mass and density.
It's orbit cycle of 50 years
and many more other incredible things.

Which only really, makes it seem
How were they not met
by Interplantery beings.

These so called Amphibian's
One of two different types of Sirian's.
The Nommo's.
A fish like race from Po' Tolo.
The Monitors as they were also known.
Came down some thousands of years ago
from a place they say
gave birth to our souls.

When their vessel landed
In a whirling descent. In a spinning motion.

So it was said - with a great noise and wind.

The beings that today are
Whales and Dolphin's.

Till one day that they say is close
in their former form's they will return.

Or so legend goes...

Of the Dogon tribe and the Nommo's.


Sirius Mystery Spoken Word by Kamal Imani.


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