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Chivs86 Poetry: AKA Mr Hyde

Updated on February 1, 2013

Chivs86 Poetry -
AKA Mr Hyde.

I Don't like this person i become,
this other guy,
Mr Hyde - My darkside
ripping up the archives
of all the hardwork
i have done in my time
i blame him for my negligence
& my crimes.

Although not quite
the quiet Dr Jekyll type
i'm normally quite normal
till i start necking pints
But that's when i become
the kind i can't overcome.
Drunk on the rampage
with no sign of sobering up.

A hopeless excuse
taking alcohol abuse
to the next level -
It's like i'm seeing Man Utd playing.
Red Devils on the winning team
my bloods thinning
it's killing my self hesteem.

I don't like this person i become
this other guy
Mr Hyde - My Dark Side
ripping up the archives
of all the good work
i have done in my time
i blame him for my negligence
& my crimes.


I don't like this person that i am
Dr Jekyll who allows himself
again & again
To get in trouble.

The one who's responsible
for this muddle
that i get myself in -
& it's all because of him
That i turn into
this monster Mr Hyde.
Who's like a rollercoaster
he'll take you for a ride -
to hell and back ....
& leave an elephant on your back.
When you wake up
the one you'll be most afraid of

When you're sober
because by turning into him
it's game over
for almost everything.

All Money, Freinds & Respect.
He's what you can expect
as a regret.
To blame for your Mistakes
& Neglect,
and i know because

I blame him myself.


My idea & Inspiration.

My idea to write this poem came after a time when i had been sober for a long time and i'd started drinking again. My Inspiration was the feeling of becoming a person i can't control when i've had one too many and the massive effect it has on the things i've done prior. Not too mention the damage caused that i can't always repair & everytime having to put my life on hold because of one night. My other inspiration is of course the Robert Louie Stevenson novel 'Dr Jeykll & Mr Hyde. An obvious theme and in fact the only difference between Dr Jekyll & myself is that instead of Monster potion I'm drinking alcohol.

A Song on the Similar theme of mine - Dr Dre & EA Ski - Split Personality.


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    • Victormaj profile image

      Victor 4 years ago from Virginia

      This poem is easy to relate to. I also had a battle of the same sort. I like to call my other side Rick James lol.